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Daily Hollywood – John Mayer To Tour, ‘Game Of Thrones’ Prequel?, And More

Lilian Min |
March 22, 2013 | 12:02 a.m. PDT

Music Editor

(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
(Daily Hollywood/Neon Tommy)
Gary Oldman is joining Tom Hardy and Noomi Rapace on the set of “Child 44,” a Soviet era thriller. (The Hollywood Reporter)

John Mayer’s been out of the touring circuit for a while due to throat problems, but now that he’s all better again (save for a split from Katy Perry), he’s announced his first tour in three years. (Billboard)

Are you a fan of “Happy Endings”? Don’t bother asking ABC to keep the show on air—the network’s asking viewers themselves to save the show. Uh, shouldn’t this kind of fan movement be, I don’t know, started by fans themselves? (Deadline)

Praise the old gods and the new, George R.R. Martin is interested in doing a “Game of Thrones” TV prequel series. Say it with me guys: LYANNA AND RHAEGAR. (The A.V. Club)

Rihanna’s tour bus (without her on it) was stopped at the Canadian border because there was marijuana on it. Damn, this really tarnishes RiRi’s good girl image. (HuffPo Celeb)

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