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Camp Ranger Files Claim for $1.2 Million Dorner Reward

Francesca Martens |
March 7, 2013 | 8:13 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

(Flickr/ CC)
(Flickr/ CC)
The LA Times reported that the camp ranger who called 911 after being carjacked by Christopher Dorner is seeking the entire $1.2 million reward offered for the deceased LAPD officer who killed four people before taking his own life in a Big Bear area cabin.

In the claim, Rick Heltebrake, a full-time ranger at Boy Scouts-owned Camp Tahquitz, said that he was driving on Glass Road when Dorner jumped out of a snow bank, pointed a firearm at him and ordered him out of his truck.

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"Once off the road, Mr. Heltebrake used his cellular telephone to contact San Bernardino Deputy Sheriff Paul Franklin to report the incident and the location of Mr. Dorner," his attorney, Allen L. Thomas wrote.

Heltebrake's claim is not the first.

A couple who found Dorner in their rental and apartment and called 911 have filed a claim as well. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said final decisions on the distribution of the reward will be made upon the completion of the investigation.

Read the full story at The LA Times.
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