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Three Dead at Quantico Marine Base After Murder Suicide

Jacqueline Jackson |
March 22, 2013 | 11:57 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer


United States Marine Corps Logo | Creative Commons
United States Marine Corps Logo | Creative Commons
A marine killed two fellow officers and himself Thursday at the Quantico Marine Base in Virgina. Authorities were called to the scene Thursday night around 10:30pm after a male body was located in barracks on the base. 

Earlier accounts of the incident from CNN state that authorities moved further into the barracks where they located the suspect barricaded inside which started a standoff with police. The standoff ended with the discovery of a second female victim and the shooter deceased from a self inflicted gunshot wound. However, morning reports from USA Today said the base commander Col. David W. Maxweel denied the standoff. 

Residents of the base were notified immediately of the incident and placed on complete lockdown Thursday as the investigation continued. The USA Today reported that Marine base commander said;

"This is truly a tragic loss, again, for the Marine Corps, which has had a number of tragic losses in the last couple of weeks," said base commander Marine Col. David W. Maxwell. "All of the candidates at this school are accounted for and safe, and all of the other personnel as well."


The loss of three Marines at Quantico comes at a time when the military community is still mourning the loss of 7 marines due to an explosion earlier this week. 

According to CNN George Little, a spokesman for the Pentagon, said Friday;

"This tragedy, as well as the tragedy in Nevada earlier this week, took the lives of Marines who volunteered to serve their nation. His heart and his prayers are with them and their families. He believes that the legendary strength of the United States Marine Corps will ensure that they are forever remembered," he said.

Neither the base or authorities have released any further information on the investigation, victims or motive.  


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