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Oscars 2013: Predicting The Acting Categories

Sarah Mickelson |
February 23, 2013 | 1:11 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Daniel Day-Lewis is set to win Best Actor at the Oscars this Sunday after his wins at the Golden Globes and the SAGs this award season. (Chhaya Nene/Neon Tommy)
Daniel Day-Lewis is set to win Best Actor at the Oscars this Sunday after his wins at the Golden Globes and the SAGs this award season. (Chhaya Nene/Neon Tommy)
As the final--and most important--show of awards season rounds the corner, we’re faced with the sad reality of too many talented nominees vying for one Oscar. So, who’s going to go home with a golden statuette this Sunday? Here are my picks and predictions in the four acting categories.

Best Actress

Five beautiful women are nominated in arguably the most glamourous category of Oscar Sunday: Best Actress. This is a tough one to call only because Jessica Chastain won at the Golden Globes and Jennifer Lawrence also won at the Golden Globes as well as at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. For those of you who don’t know, the reason they both were able to win at the Globes is because comedy and drama categories are separated, but it’s a different story at the SAGs and the Oscars, where they’re shoved into one category.

But instead of these two, I think Naomi Watts should win. She was excellent in The Impossible as a woman trying to reunite with her family after they've been separated by a tsunami. Her emotions were the most raw and moving of all the nominees in this category. My personal opinions aside, what matters most is who’s actually going to win. It’s a toss up between Lawrence and Chastain, but I'm going to go with Lawrence because she showed us impressive range in Silver Linings Playbook, whereas Chastain was forgettable in Zero Dark Thirty. Fellow nominees Emmanuelle Riva and Quvenzhané Wallis are ruled out because they’re too unknown for voters’ tastes, but it’s an honor for them to be nominated (especially since they’ve set the record for the oldest and youngest nominees respectively).

Best Actor

The second best category of the evening rests with the counterparts of the aforementioned actresses. While all actors nominated for Best Actor are deserving of their nominations, there’s really no question as to who’s going to win. I hate to break it to the guys, but they’re up against Daniel Day-Lewis. I do think that Joaquin Phoenix gave an equally great performance as Day-Lewis did, but let’s be real, Phoenix made it clear he couldn’t care less about the Oscars. If he’s going to play that way, he no longer counts.

Hugh Jackman blew us away in Les Miserables and reminded everyone that he's a great singer, and we saw something different from Bradley Cooper, but the two pale in comparison to Day-Lewis' performance. Denzel Washington, the final nominee in this category, didn’t impress me enough to warrant a win for his role in Zemeckis’ Flight. Like I said, the winner will most definitely be Day-Lewis; his recent Golden Globe and SAG win confirm this. It’s common knowledge that he’s a method actor, and boy did that show in his portrayal of Lincoln in Spielberg’s film of the same name. I’m sure even Mary Todd herself would have had difficulty telling the two Lincolns apart.

Best Supporting Actress

To no one’s surprise, Anne Hathaway is a shoe in for winning Best Supporting Actress… make that both shoes in if her Golden Globe and SAG win are any indications. I personally think Helen Hunt should win for her performance as a sex surrogate in The Sessions, but I can’t deny the inevitability of Hathaway’s win, despite the fact that she was on screen for less than twenty minutes. Sadly, Jacki Weaver, Amy Adams, and Sally Field don’t stand a chance here.

Best Supporting Actor

To finish off my predictions, the Best Supporting Actor category is going to be a toughie. Three of the nominees stand-out most: Christoph Waltz, Tommy Lee Jones, and Philip Seymour Hoffman. Hoffman should win for his gripping performance as Lancaster Dodd in The Master (a movie loosely based on the beginnings of Scientology), but Hoffman’s gotten no love this awards season, so he’s not likely to win. Complicating matters, Waltz won the Golden Globe and Jones won the SAG. However, my instincts tell me Jones is going to nab this one. He was a welcome source of comedic relief in Lincoln and managed to carry the film as much as Day-Lewis did.

You’ll have to wait for Sunday evening to see the real results, but I’m putting my money on these guys.

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