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Whitney Port Talks “Life After Graduation” At USC

Andrea Martinez |
February 1, 2013 | 12:38 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Photo by Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan
Photo by Ani Kolangian | Daily Trojan
Fashion designer, author, philanthropist and TV-reality star Whitney Port appeared on campus Tuesday to talk with students about her current endeavors and her secrets to success.

Dressed in a button-up collared shirt and an ivory leather jacket, the fashion mogul and USC alum looked casual and collected behind the podium at Bovard auditorium.

She started her lecture by saying that being back at USC and speaking to students was a “surreal” experience for her. 

The "True Whit" author described how she got involved with MTV in the first place. “I walked into the Teen Vogue offices to apply for an internship and there were all these cameras...in walks Lauren Conrad and then I realized I was on her Spin-off show!” said Port. 

Port talked about FACE Africaa project that seemed very close to her heart. It is an organization dedicated to bringing clean water, education and women empowerment to Africa. The fashionista spent three days in Liberia with her family in 2010, helping raise awareness about some of the challenges facing the country. During her speech, she shared an emotional video about her experience and encouraged students to get involved in charity. 

During the Q&A, Port told students to “ask her anything,” and gave some encouraging college advice, advising students to appreciate college life while they can. “I regret not paying enough attention in class. You don’t realize how important education is until you're gone,” said Port. 

The reality star, who now owns her own fashion company, even offered advice on internships. “The best quality that an intern can have is a really positive attitude,” said Port. “I can see it in an intern's eyes when they don’t want to do something, and for me that makes me not want to work with them...and to try to put your personal touch on things.” 

On life advice, Port said the biggest lesson she’s ever learned is that “life isn’t fair.” She added, “...you can be as good of a person as there is in the world and that doesn’t mean you're going to be spared from bad things.”

She even shared advice on applying for jobs. “Cover letters are important because you get a chance to tell the employer exactly why you want to work for them,” said Port. For my interns, I don’t always look for someone who’s had the most experience, but for someone who is passionate.”

As far as USC life goes, one audience member asked, “What was your social life like at USC?” Port humbly replied, “My college life here [at USC] really consisted of school and my little group of friends, just like a regular girls life.” She also said not to avoid any part of college life. “Have fun and enjoy it while you can!” and then jokingly added “hopefully that’s not bad advice!”

Port has even bigger plans for her future. When asked where she sees her self 20 years down the road, she gracefully responded “I hope to have a successful clothing line and I hope that I can reach hundreds, thousands, millions of girls with my clothes.”

As far as how she stays grounded? The star left students with a good piece of advice: “As soon as you start to doubt yourself and you start taking others' opinions too seriously is when you’re not staying on path anymore.”

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