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Valentine's Day: Going The Distance?

Dale Chong |
February 12, 2013 | 6:53 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Valentine's Day always seems to bring out that ooey-gooey sense of affection in everyone. For couples who are in the same area, that could mean sending a surprise bouquet of long-stemmed roses or a romantic evening for two. Long-distance relationships, however, is just a little trickier.

Relationships with a distance, like any other, do not come easy. Whether the individuals are two hours away from each other or on opposite ends of the country, the inability to be with that significant other can be sort of rough.

People in long-distance relationships could very well be lumped with those who are single on Valentine's Day. Sure, they're not thinking about how they're "forever alone," but they still aren't with that special someone on the mushy holiday.

How do these long-distance lovebirds tackle celebrating Valentine's Day?

Flashback to the days before technology filled the nation. Long-distance phone calls were far too expensive to make, texting was nonexistent, and the Internet was hardly a thing.

A sweet and simple package accompanied with a letter sent through the snail mail never hurt. Who doesn't enjoy receiving a little something? The Pony Express isn't as prevalent as it used to be (especially with the new plan to cut Saturday deliveries…), which makes it all the more thoughtful and unique. With a personal care package, lovers can be just about as warm and fuzzy as a Snuggie; plus there is nothing more classic than a love letter sealed with a kiss.

For those who aren't quite as traditional there is always Skype. It is the Digital Age, after all. Simple quality time can be just enough for those who are miles apart. Nothing says "I love you" more than having the awesome ability to see that significant other "face-to-face."

On February 14th, hopeless romantics all around the country reveal themselves; why not join in on the fun for one day? Valentine's Day allows those in long-distance relationships to be extra affectionate, especially if they won't be with each other to celebrate. The mushiness within romantic gestures makes Valentine's Day that much more special, no matter how great the distance.


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