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Mixing Fabrics On Roberto Cavalli's FW13 Runway

Megan Dacus |
February 23, 2013 | 11:02 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter


Cavalli Runway (Twitpic)
Cavalli Runway (Twitpic)
Roberto Cavalli is known around the world for his ability to manipulate textiles to create bold and beautiful looks using every type of fabric cohesively.

Cavalli’s line heavily relied on a mix of black and white fabrics, but the show was broken up with the use of bold colors during the middle of his line-up.

Pops of rich magenta, dark blue, red, yellow and burgundy broke up the collection nicely and was a creative choice to give the viewers’ eyes something a bit different to look at. The colored looks still maintain the same vibe and aesthetic nature as the rest of the collection to only enhance the versatility of the cohesive line.

Sequin panels, tweed skirts, brocade pants, silk blazers, fur coats, embellished dresses, and chiffon blouses walked the runway. What textiles did Cavalli not use? His vision in texture and print captures the whole spectrum of the fabric store, yet he finds a way to create a perfectly cohesive line, seemingly from the same closet.

For the amount of mixing that Cavalli does, this is quite an achievement, and this F/W season he delivers. His use of textures is like the new color blocking.

Cavalli does color-block, but takes it to a new level of high fashion by using blocking of textures, prints, and colors in individual looks.His prints and textures are blocked to create visual lines that are consistent through his collection and add an edge to his otherwise classic pieces.

His sophistication of ideas and the way he covers up his ideal woman can be seen as frumpy, but his entire collection has a sense of youthfulness without turning the line into something junior.

He uses delicate and stiff materials to create all of his looks, and by pairing the soft and hard together it adds the sense of ease and freshness to his collection. His looks maintain a boxy silhouette; yet still look fitted to each model.

His pants are fitted to perfection as well as his blazers, so his exemplary tailoring is obvious. He also uses a drop waist silhouette without making the models look large in the wrong places, so again his tailoring and proportion control is shown as something commendable.

The excellence of his clothing really speaks for itself. He does use some simple bags and statement earring occasionally, but a reoccurring accessory is the bold and graphic choker seen on many of his looks. The intricate detailing of these necklaces makes each necklace look very different, but each has the same feel overall on the model.

Cavalli is an esteemed designer that has earned his place in the world of high fashion. He has created yet again another successful collection using his classic aesthetic and mix of all fabrics to create something new hat we haven’t seen before.


See the full collection here.


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