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Rep. Xavier Becerra Optimistic About Immigration Reform

Miguel Arreola |
February 2, 2013 | 4:57 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

House of Representatives (Nancy Pelosi/Creative Commons)
House of Representatives (Nancy Pelosi/Creative Commons)
On Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing on immigration. The bipartisan group composed of eight House members has been meeting discretely for about four years to discuss strategies to combat the ever-growing issue.

Rep. Xavier Becerra of California’s 34th district was a pivotal member of the group. Becerra’s district stretches from MacArthur Park to East Los Angeles. Coming from a prominently Latino community, Becerra’s involvement in this matter could not be more important. 

Rep. Becerra believes strongly that the constituents are the biggest advocates for change in immigration policy. MSNBC recently reported

“According to a Wall Street Journal opinion poll, 52% of respondents were in favor of amnesty for employed undocumented immigrants, as opposed to 46% against. Rep. Becerra said the percentage of those who simply want a tough-but-fair policy is even higher. ‘Americans want a solution; they know our immigration policy is broken,’ he said. ‘The people are way ahead of the politicians on this one.’

Regarding the actual immigrants who are being constantly uprooted and detained, Rep. Becerra issued firm support. ‘They work hard. They do everything the right way,’ Rep. Becerra said. Young immigrants are ‘the next generation that will create those leaders, those innovators.’”

The push for immigration reform has received a generally positive response from both parties, as both Republicans and Democrats have House members working collaboratively. It will be difficult to accumulate the 218 votes necessary to successfully pass the legislation, but Rep. Becerra believes it is only a matter of time until the reform is passed.

“'Despite the ‘Neanderthal element in Congress that continues to hold us back,’ Rep. Becerra is optimistic. ‘It’s no longer a matter of if we’re going to have immigration reform–it’s when, and I believe it’ll be this year.’” (MSNBC)


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