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'Revenge' Episode 13 Recap: 'Union'

Ashley Riegle |
February 11, 2013 | 6:39 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Jack and Amanda tie the knot in "Union"
Jack and Amanda tie the knot in "Union"

The episode begins with Emily having a flashback to a sunny scene from childhood in which she and Jack had a pretend wedding. The flashback is a foreshadowing for this episode entitled "Union" in which Jack and Amanda wed.

Aiden is missing in action after learning that his sister is dead. In his absence, Nolan connects with Emily about Jack's upcoming nuptials. He tells her it's ok to feel upset about Jack and Amanda's relationship. But she remains strong and reassures him that she is happy for the couple. 

In the process of chatting, Nolan also lets her know that Conrad Grayson is complicating matters for Jack and the Stowaway. Emily confronts Amanda about the importance of Jack keeping the Stowaway and keeping the Graysons out of the equation. "The Graysonss have and always will be the enemy," says Emily. She gives Amanda a check and tells her to buy back the bar from Conrad.

Declan and Charlotte are having fun playing godparents to baby Carl. They are left in charge of the baby so Jack and Amanda can get away and spend time alone. It is cute to see Declan and Charlotte back together.

Nolan arrives at his office to find Aiden sitting in the dark. He instructs Nolan to pull up the video of his sister and identify clues about his sister's location. Nolan determines the video was not made three years ago as Helen claimed, but six years ago!

This means his sister is definitely dead and he is devastated.

Victoria interupts a meeting between Conrad and Ashley to speak with Conrad about her concerns that The Initiative is closing in on Daniel. When Ashley attempts to tell her they are in the middle of business, Victoria retorts "and fully clothed, how refreshing". She is having none of Ashley's sass!

Conrad Grayson manipulates for power
Conrad Grayson manipulates for power

Witnessing firsthand what Aiden is experiencing with the Initiative, Nolan wonders if Padma may be similarly involved. He is determined to confront her and find out her story. He begins the conversation with the wittiest line of the episode, "careful who you're calling black, little kettle." LOVE Nolan. When he confronts Padma, she reveals that her father was kidnapped and has been missing. She says she was instructed to find the code to Nolan's computer program, Carrion. She claims to have sincere feelings for him and asks if he'll help her.

Victoria overhears Daniel on the phone with Helen Crowley speaking about moving money internationally. She flashes back to a disturbing memory of David Clarke in jail. Apparently he was framed in the flight takedown in part for having moved money internationally. Hearing that the Initiative wants to frame her son doing the same thing means they have something horrible in mind, and Victoria goes on the defensive.

Once again Conrad Grayson's obsession with himself and his future political career has caught innocent people in its path. We now know he plans to run for governor. Though he promised to help Jack retake ownership of the Stowaway, he is no longer interested in helping him and refuses the check Jack brings over. He attempts to threaten Conrad and it is clear this situation is getting more dangerous than ever for Jack.  

Amanda goes into Emily's house and steals her computer. She uses an incriminating video of Conrad to blackmail him into selling the share of the Stowaway back to Jack. After conceding, he places a call to Nate Ryan to meet him at the harbor. He signs the bar over to Jack and meets with Nate who is brutish and aggressive as always. He insinuates that he's going to do something to "take care of" the Porters!

Nolan serves as the officiator in Amanda and Jack's wedding. During the ceremony Emily flashes back to childhood memories of Jack. Listening to the vows she begins crying and notices Aiden standing on a cliff above. Emily was also wearing a white dress to the wedding- strange! Aiden shows up to visit Emily later and apologizes for walking away from her. 

Creepy Helen Crowley shows up at Grayson Manor full of wicked words and threats for Victoria about Daniel. She demands that Victoria hand over the evidence she has about Flight 97. Victoria leads her to the pool house, tricks her into opening an empty safe and then shoots her in cold blood! Helen Crowley is dead!

What will this mean in regards to the Initiative?

Amanda and Jack are out on their sailboat, "The Amanda," enjoying their first night as a married couple. As they kiss up on the deck we see the hand of a person on the boat below cutting the communication wires of the boat. It appears that someone else is on board who intends to hurt them. 

This episode started out slow but ended with so many things shaken up. Helen Crowley is dead and Jack and Amanda may be lost at sea forever! Check out the promo for next week's episode below. 

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Craig Gillespie directed this true story about "the most daring rescue mission in the history of the U.S. Coast Guard.”

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