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P!nk Tells The Staples Center The Truth About Love

Taylor A. Johnson |
February 17, 2013 | 12:40 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

P!nk showing her "Fight On" at Staples Center (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk showing her "Fight On" at Staples Center (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
Just a couple days after Valentine’s Day, on Saturday night, P!nk arrived at Staples Center to tell us The Truth About Love as part of her world tour. The Staples Center show was her third performance of the tour.

The night was “hosted” by a man named Ruben, in a sort of game show style.  It was a little reminiscent of her Funhouse tour in 2009.

P!nk kicked off the show with her hit “Raise Your Glass,” while attached to a bungee-like mechanism as she flew up into the air and occasionally sang upside down.  

Acrobatics are nothing new to P!nk; she performed many similar tricks during her Funhouse tour. The singer brought up that during her last tour she had a shoulder injury, which prevented her from doing acrobatics at the Staples Center previously. 

She followed up with a song off her latest album, a tune titled “Walk Of Shame,” and then the old, crowd-pleaser of “Just Like A Pill.” 

The crowd was overjoyed to hear the latter and also to feel P!nk’s emotions and energy while performing the song.

“U + Ur Hand” and “Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely)” off “I'm Not Dead” album were next. 

She told everyone that the latter was for the “bad dancers” out there, as she showed the crowd her dorky side and free-styled her dancing. 

The spectacular acrobatics came back during her performance of “Try,” and she also showed off her strength while dancing with a male partner, as the two represented a couple struggling through a relationship.

P!nk dances during "Try" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk dances during "Try" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

P!nk then covered Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games,” which slowed the evening down a bit; she then followed up by “Just Give Me A Reason.” 

Sadly, the real Nate Ruess (from fun.) was not there in person to sing with her, but there was a prerecorded video of him singing his part of the duet. 

Without the real Ruess, P!nk sang to the image of him on the screen, but nevertheless, she was spectacular. 

P!nk singing to a video of Nate Ruess during "Just Give Me A Reason" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk singing to a video of Nate Ruess during "Just Give Me A Reason" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

For those that knew the song, “Trouble,” off of P!nk’s album “Try This,” was very satisfying, for both the crowd and P!nk. 

Afterwards, she said singing that song again reminded her of why she loved to perform.

“Are We All We Are” and “How Come You’re Not Here” off her current album followed.  P!nk sarcastically said, “My husband loves this one,” regarding “How Come You’re Not Here.”

Bringing the acrobatics in again while performing inside a circular kind of cage, P!nk sang “Sober.”  The singing was simply spot-on.

P!nk singing "Sober" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk singing "Sober" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

During her performance of “Family Portrait,” from the “M!ssundaztood” album, a slideshow of family photos played on the big screen. 

It was a very heartfelt performance, as it was just with a barefoot P!nk and her piano player. One could hear the crowd “awww-ing” at every photo.

P!nk and her "Family Portrait" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk and her "Family Portrait" (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

P!nk performed “Who Knew,” acoustically with her guitar player because she believes the song is prettier that way, and she was right.  It was a moment that the crowd could hear the true raspiness in her voice that we love. 

Continuing with the acoustic theme, P!nk began “Fuckin’ Perfect” in that manner, but then was later joined by the band for a spectacular and energetic performance. 

A medley of “Most Girls,” “There You Go,” and “You Make Me Sick,” from P!nk’s first album, “Can’t Take Me Home,” were enjoyable throwbacks for the crowd, especially combined with P!nk’s ’90s outfit.

P!nk donning a throwback '90s outfit (Taylor A. Johnson/Neon Tommy)
P!nk donning a throwback '90s outfit (Taylor A. Johnson/Neon Tommy)

“Slut Like You,” off of the current album and currently rising in popularity, began with P!nk joking, “It’s that time of the night,” as she took a drink and the pole dancing started. 

The singer then introduced her band and dancers at the end of “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” as a sort of goodbye, but then came back to perform “So What,” in an unusual encore style. 

This performance was fantastic, with P!nk flying over the entire Staples Center while attached to wires. She flipped through the air above the crowd and everyone was amazed.

P!nk flying over the Staples Center (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
P!nk flying over the Staples Center (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

The more official encore came with P!nk’s performance of “Glitter In The Air,” of course only complete with her hanging in a sheet from the ceiling and then being dipped into water.

Once the lights went on and P!nk officially left the stage, a video montage played of P!nk rehearsing for the tour. 

There were many clips of P!nk and her daughter, Willow, which were extremely special and just plain adorable to see.  During the video, on another screen, credits rolled with the names of the tour’s crew. 

Overall, P!nk made the show very personal to the fans there as she accepted gifts from them, even wearing a fan’s Kermit hat, and cracked jokes constantly with the audience. 

The Staples Center was very well suited for this type of performance—as her show involved lots of effects and acrobatics, P!nk was able to cover the entire venue.  Her strength and dedication is extraordinary and it is incomprehensible to know she does this at every concert. 

"The Truth About Love" sign (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).
"The Truth About Love" sign (Taylor Johnson/Neon Tommy).

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