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Oscars 2013: Why Were These Stars Even There?

Vanessa Gomez |
February 24, 2013 | 9:54 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Being invited to the Oscars is something most people would love to experience. Some of the stars who were fortunate enough to be on the red carpet Sunday night are being evaluated on their credentials of why they should have even been there. We're counting down the top ten people we're asking ourselves why they were even invited. 

Halle Berry (Twitter)
Halle Berry (Twitter)



10. Halle Berry

 Yes, she presented at the awards show, but should she have even been able to do that? Berry won the best actress category in 2001 for Monster's Ball, but there's nothing she has done since that gives her enough credentials to be at the Oscars. She's acted in "Catwoman," "Perfect Stranger," and "New Year's Eve." Those movies alone don't give her an argument for her appearance.





Jane Fonda (Twitter)
Jane Fonda (Twitter)



9. Jane Fonda 

The fitness guru stunned on the red carpet with a canary yellow Versace gown. She may have earned her spot by winning two academy awards, but her time has come and gone. She has not produced anything Oscar worthy since the late 1980s when she was nominated for best actress in "The Morning After."



Zoe Saldana (Twitter)
Zoe Saldana (Twitter)



8. Zoe Saldana 

Her time was three years ago when "Avatar" was popular at the Academy Awards. Maybe she was invited because there's an "Avatar 2" in the works, but there's no relevance to her being there, except for the fact that she's an actress. 





Fan Bingbing (Twitter)
Fan Bingbing (Twitter)

7. Fan Bingbing

The Chinese actress was somewhat random at the show on Sunday night. She is mostly known for her Chinese films, even though she is expected to act in "Iron Man 3". She is more described as a fashion icon, and her spot probably could have been taken by another actress. 

Chris Tucker (Twitter)
Chris Tucker (Twitter)

6. Chris Tucker 

It's understandable that he has acted in his career before, but nothing noteworthy. He had a small role in "Silver Linings Playbook," but it was the same role he always plays as the comedian, except this time he was in a psych ward. 




Olivia Munn (Twitter)
Olivia Munn (Twitter)


5. Olivia Munn 

 Munn is in the popular television series, "The Newsroom," but this isn't the Golden Globes. Her performance in "Magic Mike" sure didn't reserve her a spot at the Oscars either. So, why was she even there? She didn't present either, so maybe it was just for her beauty. 

Kelly Rowland (Twitter)
Kelly Rowland (Twitter)



4. Kelly Rowland 

 Maybe the 2013 Super Bowl Half Time show went to everyone's heads and Rowland got the benefit from it by being invited to the Oscars. Once again, this is the Oscars, not the Grammys. Even though she looked flawless on the red carpet, she hasn't earned her spot to be at the Oscars. 




Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton (Twitter)
Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton (Twitter)



3. Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton

Okay, so both of these two are a big deal. This is obvious. But the way both of them were dressed made it seem like they didn't even want to be at the Oscars. Carter starred in the nominated film, "Les Miserables," and her husband has had his fair share of trips to the Oscars. But they don't need to be there if they aren't going to look the part. Carter's hair, especially, had no place there and Burton could have at least taken off his sunglasses to show that he cared a little bit. 




Kristen Stewart (Twitter)
Kristen Stewart (Twitter)



2. Kristen Stewart  

She's most famous for her role in the "Twilight Saga," but it's obvious none of her roles in those movies or the movies themselves are Oscar worthy. 2012 has had its ups and downs for Stewart, and she caused a huge scandal.Was she being rewarded for it by being invited to present at the Oscars? She had an affair with director Rupert Sanders, which led to his divorce with Liberty Ross. This clearly doesn't give her an advantage to be at the Oscars, and none of her roles have earned her a spot either. 




Brandi Glanville (Twitter)
Brandi Glanville (Twitter)

1. Brandi Glanville 

Does anyone even know who this is at the Oscars? She's a part of the reality television series, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," but that doesn't justify her being at the Oscars. Glanville has her own book, but the only things she's known for are her dinner parties and drama with the rest of the housewives on the show. She doesn't have a reason to be in the same room as Jennifer Lawrence or Jack Nicholson. 

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Vanessa Gomez (not verified) on February 28, 2013 3:12 PM

I'm the author of this article and I understand all of your comments completely. You are all entitled to your opinion, and I'm glad you're reading Neon Tommy. I hope this article doesn't discourage any of you from reading it in the future. The point of this article was not to say these stars didn't deserve to be there. Maybe I should have been more clear in the beginning, but it was more to ask ourselves why are these stars there when other stars, like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt aren't there. These are big time names that you know right away when hearing them. They are predominantly known in the film industry. Instead, there are names like Olivia Munn and Kelly Rowland that we're hearing about. The point of the article wasn't to say that these stars (like Olivia Munn and Kelly Rowland) didn't deserve to be there (Except for maybe Brandi Glanville) because they were all there for a reason; presenters, past award winners, big time directors, etc. When I say things like "it doesn't give her enough credentials to be there," I mean other stars are even more prominent in the film industry and they weren't there. I am not degrading any of these actors for being there. Like I said, Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton are a big deal. I am not putting this fact down at all. I am a fan of both of their works. I just had an opinion I thought they should have dressed better. But everyone has an opinion and obviously the way they dress isn't going to hurt their careers because they are already so big in the film industry. It was just something I wanted to comment on as a journalist. It doesn't mean they didn't deserve to be there by any means.

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm glad you're reading Neon Tommy and I hope you will follow up with my articles and the entertainment section, in general, in the future. I appreciate all of your feedback.

Research! (not verified) on February 26, 2013 11:39 PM

I do not mean to attack the writer of this article, but I felt compelled to point out how poorly researched this piece is and how flippantly it reads. Maybe this is just a very bizarre opinion piece.

To suggest actresses like Halle Berry (who appeared in CLOUD ATLAS just last year -- a film that may not have been nominated, but was certainly a significant role/release) and Zoe Saldana (who, as you pointed out, starred in AVATAR -- the highest grossing film of all-time -- and will star in the sequel, in addition to the upcoming STAR TREK movie, which will inevitably be huge) should not be invited to the Oscars is, frankly, silly.

Jane Fonda is a two-time Oscar winner who some may call a legend.

I can't believe I'm championing Kristen Stewart, but like her or not, she is a major movie star at the moment. She also starred in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN, which was nominated for two Oscars this year. Why wouldn't the star of the film be invited?

Asking your audience "why were they even invited" about Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton is ridiculous. As several people have pointed out, Burton was nominated this year for FRANKENWEENIE. As you point out, Bonham Carter was in LES MISERABLES, which was nominated for many awards, including Best Picture. "But they don't need to be there if they aren't going to look the part." -- He's in a clean suit. She's in a gown. They look like they do at most award shows they attend.

Kelly Rowland was working ABC's Red Carpet Special. Weird choice? Maybe, but obviously there was a "reason" she was there.

You point out that Chris Tucker was in "Silver Linings Playbook" - so yeah, an actor who is featured in one of the Best Picture nominees is going to be invited.

Olivia Munn is indeed in "The Newsroom" -- written by Aaron Sorkin, an Oscar darling. As you noted, she was also in MAGIC MIKE, which was a significant film last year.

Fan Bingbing was fairly recently signed to WME and is a huge star in China -- I'm sure she's going to be up-and-coming stateside. The Oscars are also, of course, political and I'm sure having more diversity at the show doesn't hurt the international broadcast.

The only person who makes me wonder "why is she there" is the real housewife.

Again, I did not write this comment to attack the writer, but I hold Neon Tommy to a higher standard of research than this article offers.

elizabcj on February 26, 2013 6:00 PM

What struck me actually is that stars like Natalie Portman don't go to the Oscars (even after her major and more recent wins) - and where are stars like Angelina Jolie (maybe doing philanthropy or something, I don't know)? It's definitely interesting to look at who was invited and who wasn't. Sometimes, it's perplexing.

And the question with K. Stew is why she was presenting in the first place! i guess to attract the younger audience.

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 4:48 PM

It's embarrassing how bad this piece of "journalism" is. Better luck next time, Neon Tommy.

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 3:59 PM

i love neon tommy but what a horribly written article. are you really questioning why people, who were actors in nominated movies, are at the oscars??? that doesn't even make sense. the silver linings playbook was nominated for the biggest award, obviously the actors from it are going to be there. better luck with your next article, this one is already circulating facebook for how ridiculous it is.

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 2:09 PM

Tim Burton's Frankenweenie was nominated and Helena Bonham Carter was in Les Miserables, another film nominated at the Oscars... She performed with the cast, so she kinda HAD to be there... Even if they weren't nominated, the way they dress isn't a reason for them not to be there, they've always dressed this way. Just because it's the Oscars, doesn't change that fact.

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 11:10 AM

And also Kelly was a host so it's hard to interview on the red carpet without being there (and you gotta choose someone to do it). And yes the second avatar, the prequel, is in the works [but yes, very far away]. While I personally may have not chosen the same outfit as Carter, she is definitely someone who should be there and I love to see [as well as Burton, who looked fine]. But hey, I'm a nobody and if I was invited to the Oscars I'd for sure be there!

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 9:49 AM

Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter always dress that way; it's not license to revoke an invitation to a nominated director or cast member of an Oscar-winning film. Halle Berry was there because she's an incredibly accomplished actress. Not to mention, she's a Bond girl and there was a tribute to 50 years of Bond at the ceremony. Make sense now?

Anonymous (not verified) on February 25, 2013 9:32 AM

tim burtons frankenweenie was nominated