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Oscars 2013 Trend Alert: The Fresh Face

Megan Dacus |
February 24, 2013 | 6:43 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The red lip has become a classic and the smoky eye has become the usual, so this year, celebrities chose to go a different route - the fresh face. This trend has been on the rise, but this year it took the red carpet with full force. Stars from Charlize Theron to Amy Adams chose to put complete focus on their great complexion and dewy skin with a minimalistic approach to their Oscars arrivals. Some celebs decided to go halfway with a nude lip and bold lashes, but some stars went above and beyond to keep the focus on their glowing skin and blushing cheeks.

Sally Field (Twitpic)
Sally Field (Twitpic)


Sally Field

If Sally Field didn’t impress us enough with her stunning Valentine gown, she also stayed perfectly on trend with her makeup for the evening. She dresses so age-appropriate, but looks so great I can’t even guess her age! For this look, Field goes simple with a natural lip and plays up the shape of her eye with a bit of mascara and eyeliner. Sally is a dream in red tonight with her mature fashionable styling.


Amanda Seyfried (Twitpic)
Amanda Seyfried (Twitpic)



Amanda Seyfried

Perhaps this makeup trend is a go-to for Amanda Seyfried, but still this year she shines like an ethereal dream in her Alexander McQueen embellished gown. Seyfried adds some rosy hues to her face to highlight her great cheekbones, and full lips to play up her natural beauty. Her skin glows and her eyes shine to make a bold statement in a minimalist way. The styling of her gown, hair and makeup come together to create a complete look that could steal the show.



Kerry Washington (Twitpic)
Kerry Washington (Twitpic)



Kerry Washington

Seyfried had potential, but Kerry Washington may be the best dressed of the night in her fashion-forward Miu Miu gown and her amazing natural beauty shining through. Her eyes have a slight smoky look with great lashes, but her blushing cheeks and flawless complexion look flawless. Much like Seyfried, Washington adds rosy hues to her complexion that complements her skin tone nicely and brings out her great bone structure. Washington keeps it natural and doesn’t overdue the makeup, which completes her look that lets her inner beauty shine through her glowing fresh face.



Image Courtesy (@twitpic)
Image Courtesy (@twitpic)


Quvenzhané Wallis

And of course the cutest and most genuine fresh face at all the Oscars is the 9-year-old star Quvenzhané Wallis wearing Armani Junior with her absolutely adorable puppy purse. Who even knew there was Armani Junior? She definitely showed off her spirit and natural beauty with a minimalist look! I question if they even put makeup on this shinning little beauty. She truly looks like a princess that captured the makeup trend for this year. 






Now it’s time to take the style from the red carpet to daily life, but perhaps this trend has worked backward from the street to the awards. A fresh, clean face is always in for any day and it isn’t necessarily about taking the makeup off; it’s more about enhancing natural beauty with makeup. Put on the slightest bit of mascara and perfect foundation application to create a beauty look that is even worthy of the red carpet.




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