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Meet The Remaining Girls On 'The Bachelor'

Kathy Zerbib |
February 12, 2013 | 5:59 p.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Catherine Giudici is the surefire choice for the bachelor Sean Lowe (ABC).
Catherine Giudici is the surefire choice for the bachelor Sean Lowe (ABC).
This week on “The Bachelor,” Tierra the Tierrable went home (As did Lesley, but which one was she, again?)… much to the majority of the viewing population’s relief. She undeniably made for good television with her weekly tears, manipulation, and superficial injuries. Tierra was this season’s scapegoat, the villain who everyone pinpointed as the consistent got-to-go choice. (In hindsight, would you be comfortable around a group of girls or guys vying for the same person as you?) So Tierra LiCausi (and Lesley Murphy, sidenote) packed her bags for home, but that doesn’t mean all the drama is suddenly over. Four women are left in the competition for Texas bachelor Sean Lowe’s affection. Which lucky lady has what it takes to become his Mrs. Lowe?

Catherine Giudici

Can you say “SAFE CHOICE”? Catherine is a lovely girl. She is a graphic designer from Seattle, Washington, with a bubbly personality and an intriguing smile (But don’t they all have that?). She isn’t as involved in the drama as some of the other girls and doesn’t get “catty” with Tierra (Get it?). Catherine has been suspiciously under-the-radar with Sean and the show. She does not get much airtime, yet her connection with Sean is dubbed "airtight". She seems like the typical contestant that doesn’t start out publically noticeable and sneaks around to win his heart at the end.

Desiree Hartsock

The excitement Desiree had with the idea that she could possibly be taking Sean home to meet her family is adorable. She seems really invested in Sean, which means she’ll probably have the hardest time when Sean ultimately sends her packing. Why? For the simple reason that the bridal stylist from Northglenn, Colorado, just doesn’t fit with him too well. Their chemistry is nice, but Desiree is slowly fizzling out with each week’s development. She is the next Lesley, sadly enough. It really is a shame considering how devoted of a person she appears to be.

Lindsay Yenter

It is actually surprising that Lesley went home over Lindsay. (Wasn’t she the one who showed up to the house on the first night in a wedding dress?!) Sure, Lesley was starting to become a wallflower on the show, but Lindsay is probably the least recognizable contestant on “Bachelor.” Still, it was the substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, who received the coveted hometown rose this week, securing her opportunity to take Sean home to her family. Like Lindsay said in the show, “Nobody saw that coming.”

AshLee Frazier

The “cougar” of the show (a name given by, of course, Tierra the Tierrable) tattled on Tierra this week, a factor that contributed to her push out of the house. There is really nothing problematic about her. Scratch that. She pulled the “I love Sean already” card… huge disappointment. But the personal organizer from Houston, Texas, wasn’t the only one who got too into her feelings this week. Perhaps she and the rest of the girls can be forgiven for buying into their own hype on a show like (Hello!) “The Bachelor,” where every hopeless romantic magically falls in love in about two weeks. 

Check out an ode to our dearly departed Tierra the Tierrable below, back when she and the bachelor first hit it off.

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