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Homeowners Discovered Dorner In Cabin, Were Tied Up And Escaped

Matt Pressberg |
February 13, 2013 | 9:46 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Jim and Karen Reynolds were among the last people to see Chris Dorner alive. (Wikimedia Commons)
Jim and Karen Reynolds were among the last people to see Chris Dorner alive. (Wikimedia Commons)
Murder suspect Christopher Dorner was not discovered hiding out in a cabin by housekeepers, as widely reported, but by the owners of the residence near Big Bear Lake, Calif., who had come for a routine inspection of their property but found themselves bound and gagged by the most wanted man in America.

As USA Today reports, Dorner subdued Jim and Karen Reynolds by gagging them with washcloths and tying pillowcases on their heads and ordered them to keep quiet as he made his attempted escape in their vehicle. They were able to break away quickly and inform law enforcement, who eventually tracked down and cornered Dorner in another cabin, which eventually burned to the ground with Dorner presumed to have died inside.

According to NBC News, Dorner attempted to make clear that he had no intent on harming the couple, but Jim Reynolds was not convinced, telling reporters he thought Dorner was going to kill them. Once Dorner had left, it was Karen Reynolds who was able to make the 911 call that set the police pursuit in motion.

"'What we did was kind of scoot our way — I went up and she went down,' said Jim Reynolds. 'then she got her gag off and then we both worked on trying to stand up.'"

The couple still does not know the status of the vehicle Dorner stole from them and drove off in.

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