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Curtis Kulig Hosts Opening Party For 'Love Me' Pop-Up Show

Madeline Morris |
February 3, 2013 | 9:38 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Artist Curtis Kulig, middle, with friends Cameron Postforoosh, left, and Matt Walerstein, right
Artist Curtis Kulig, middle, with friends Cameron Postforoosh, left, and Matt Walerstein, right

Red, white, and... black? Though Curtis Kulig may be a proud American, he has substituted our nation’s beloved blue with black to create a custom, dynamic design that is pervading urban cities across the world. The triad of colors adorned clothes, shoes, skateboards, hats, tables, and chairs Friday night at Kulig’s House of Hearts Pop-Up and Polaroid Show in Hollywood.

Kulig’s new 30-piece Love Me collection with Urban Outfitters was on display and available for purchase. His signature “Love Me” tag seized the party; it was sprawled across everything from pillows to canvases to biking shorts.

"I get tons of emails from people wanting tees and hats, or asking if I'll write it on an iPhone case for them,” Kulig has said. "This collection is really about making Love Me available for my fans," he adds.

The “Love Me” font is iconic; it’s ooey and gooey and literally dripping with love. Something about the graphic, bold environment seemed almost to cast a spell on the attending crowd, striking them (and me) with a mystifying affection and galvanizing everybody for Valentine’s Day. Sure, there were more than a few drinks free flowing throughout the room, but the liquor only served to magnify the mood and loving atmosphere that Kulig’s artwork had established. 

And if by some oddity one did not find themselves drawn to the universally appealing Love Me clothing and accessories on exhibition, Kulig’s black and white Polaroids, pasted around the walls of the showroom, were sure to catch one’s attention. The Polaroids capture his friends, but one look and you might swear you know them too.

Through his art, Kulig has this inexplicable ability to make everybody feel closer to each other, be it by way of fun and funky Polaroids or his Love Me insignia. Perhaps this rare ability comes from Kulig’s natural propensity for kindliness and warmth. 

“Curtis is a really good friend. He has never been mean or burnt a bridge with anybody. He’s just so positive and has a great aura about him. He is always doing things for people and not expecting anything back.” I had the honor of meeting Cameron Postforoosh, one of Kulig’s best friends since 2003, who had nothing but praise for the show’s artist. 

Postforoosh promised to introduce me to Kulig later on in the evening, but first, it was time to hear the New York City rising indie star Sky Ferreira perform for the crowd. Ferreira was edgy, a little rough around the edges perhaps, but by the end of her final hit song, “Everything is Embarrassing,” everyone appeared smitten with the sharp, aggressive 20 year old. The song is more than worth a listen- it will definitely be a new addition to my Itunes library. 

Sky’s beguiling dishevelment left me entranced, but I broke out of my reverie at the end of the night when Postforoosh held true to his word, introducing me to Curtis Kulig himself. Kulig was not what I was expecting. The guy was as chill as could be, I could not believe that this calm, seemingly reserved artist had singlehandedly ignited such an inspiring revolution. Kulig is testimony to the fact that all it takes is a creative idea and a willing drive to start something great. Our warring world could certainly use some more Kulig’s in it, but for now, the ever-expanding and evolving Love Me icon will have to do. 

Kulig’s House of Hearts Show will continue until February 17th, so be sure to check it out and spread the LOVE! 

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