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Dorner Sent Package To CNN, Anderson Cooper Reports

Francesca Bessey |
February 7, 2013 | 5:50 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

CNN's Anderson Cooper received a package from Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD cop currently on the run from police in Big Bear.

Dorner's manifesto claims he sent packages to multiple=
Dorner's manifesto claims he sent packages to multiple=

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"Learned today suspect Christopher Dorner sent me a parcel at CNN,'' Cooper said in a Twitter post Thursday.

Cooper reported on the package in his Thursday evening broadcast. The package contained a DVD titled "Chris Dorner Exoneration." The DVD was accompanied by a note stating that the DVD contained a video interview with Christopher Gettler, a schizophrenic whom Dorner had claimed was kicked by a fellow officer, Sgt. Teresa Evans, in 2008. Following this incident, Dorner was fired for making false statements.

Dorner's manifesto claims he was fired for crossing the "so-called blue line" by reporting on Evans.

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The package also contained a commemorative medallion from former LAPD Chief Will Bratton, wrapped in duct tape and sustaining damage from bullet holes. On the duct tape was written "Thanks, but no thanks Will Bratton."

Dorner's manifesto claims he sent packages to multiple news outlets.

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