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Dorner Fallout Continues

Graham Clark |
February 18, 2013 | 7:49 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

New reactions to Dorner's death online include the release of a first-person shooter video game. (via Youtube)
New reactions to Dorner's death online include the release of a first-person shooter video game. (via Youtube)
Six days ago, confessed killer and renegade Los Angeles Police Department Officer Christopher Dorner shot himself dead. The results of his violent rampage now continue to play out, as citizens and law enforcement officials alike react online and in-person.

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An official statement from the LAPD has been released to updating interested parties as to the status of a promised $1 million reward for information leading to Dorner.

The notice declared that funds would not be released while the ex-Officer’s case remained open. According to the statement, More than 20 jurisdictions and entities are involved in this reward, so all of them will be coming together to collectively determine whether any individual(s) qualify for it.”

"Our personal hope is that the reward will be distributed, but we must follow the rules and respect the procedures of each entity." It concluded, “Final decisions on the dissemination of the reward on this case, as in all reward cases, will be made upon the completion of the investigation.

Some members of the general population have been moved to protest publicly, arguing that the Dorner incident must spur broader reform.

Targets of these organized actions recently included LAPD headquarters. On Feb. 16, a small crowd of protesters picketed LAPD headquarters, carrying signs with messages such as “R.I.P. Habeas Corpus” and “Christopher Dorner: Clear His Name.”

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Speaking from being the iconic mask popularized by the film V for Vendetta, one protester said he was opposed to the actions of all involved in Dorner’s case. While not condoning the bloodshed perpetrated by the murder, he said, “everyone’s entitled to their day in court, and he didn’t get his.”

The community incensed by the Dorner debacle has been markedly communicative online. Protesters on Feb. 16 came together largely by means of a Facebook group, entitled “We Stand With Christopher Dorner.” The page currently has received more than 27,600 likes.

One amateur programmer released a game in which players play the role of the killer in a first-person-shooter form. The game is available for download free of charge. It is set in the final moments of Dorner’s life, with graphics modeled on the 1993 shooter “Doom.” Players fire upon an endlessly advancing line of police officers from inside a cabin engulfed in flames. The game includes a sample of the recording Charlie Sheen addressed to Dorner, and is rife with racial epithets.

No offical response from the LAPD has been released regarding this online activity. 

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