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Celebrity Style And New Products At GBK's 2013 Oscar's Gifting Suite

Jordan Corbin |
February 25, 2013 | 9:04 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Image writer's own)
(Image writer's own)

On February 22, 2013 Neon Tommy had the opportunity to visit an Oscars gifting suite in Beverly Hills. Located at the Sofitel on Beverly Boulevard, the gifting suite was an ongoing event that lasted until 6:00PM that evening. 

Celebrities, producers, writers, and more showed up to support and promote the various brands that were present in Beverly Hills that day. Terry Crews, Sugar Ray Leonard, and Joshua Malina from ABC’s Scandal were among the celebrities that Neon Tommy ran into. 

The first company that we came across was Milena’s Boutique, a candle company. Milena’s specializes in candles that are delicious, fragrant, and handmade. Made with soy, these candles are pure enough to apply to your skin as a moisturizer when in liquid form. 

Camilla Luddington (Image Courtesy Carella Augustus)
Camilla Luddington (Image Courtesy Carella Augustus)

With over 200 different scents, Milena’s Boutique has offices in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo. They find that their candles sell incredibly well in Tokyo due to the large influence that candles have in the Japanese culture.  Milena’s Boutique is located in Alhambra, California and their website can be found at www.milenasboutique.com. 

Viva Diva Wines was the next stop that Neon Tommy made that afternoon. These Moscato wines balance bold, tasteful flavors with a sweet sparkling conclusion. They possess great aromas, which result in a sweet, persistent taste. Neon Tommy had to pleasure of trying their exquisite strawberry and mango flavors.  

José Eber was present at the gifting suite stocked with revolutionary infrared blow dryers. These blow dryers are unique because they emit soothing infrared light for healthier hair, which dries the thickest hair up to 50% faster than regular blow dryers.  

Located on Camden Drive in Beverly Hills, José Eber offers a great product and positions itself as a must-have luxury brand.  

Many celebrities came through to show support for the various companies as well. Bellamy Young from ABC’s Scandal came through to support Nicorette dressed to impress in a white blazer, with a dark blouse and dark slacks while Ben Schwartz and Josh Lawson promoted the Viva Diva brand along with 'Django Unchained'’s Franc Nero.  

Daniela Bodadilla (Image Courtesy Carella Augustus)
Daniela Bodadilla (Image Courtesy Carella Augustus)

Camilla Luddington and 'Django Unchained'’s Dennis Christopher came to GBK’s gifting suite and showed support for Bethenny Frankel’s Skinny Girl Cocktail brand while David Costabile from the Oscar nominated 'Lincoln' spoke with the representatives from Cookie Daddy.  


Daniela Bodadilla from George Lopez’s Mr. Troop Mom was present at Sofitel showing support for Revitalash wearing a nice cream-colored top with dark pants to give her look some contrast. Joey Lawrence was spotted lugging his bag of gifts around the suite dressed very fashionably. He sported a white beanie with a green button-up shirt, wore a light brown jacket with jeans and completed his hip, young look with a nice pair of boots.  

Sugar Ray Leonard was at the gifting suite with his foundation wearing a grey, patterned shirt with some dark jeans to give his look a casual, yet professional touch. These few were the best-dressed celebrities that Neon Tommy spotted while spending time in GBK’s Oscars gifting suite.  

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