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Book Review: 'My Inappropriate Life'

Katie Buenneke |
February 13, 2013 | 9:48 p.m. PST

Theater Editor

McDonald's book is funny, and as inappropriate as its title would suggest. (Deadline)
McDonald's book is funny, and as inappropriate as its title would suggest. (Deadline)
With a title like "My Inappropriate Life," it's no wonder that author Heather McDonald's memoirs are not often politically correct. From her tale of leaving a little Hershey's Kiss-sized poop in the toilet of Chelsea Handler's private jet to the time some fans assumed she was a lesbian and started hitting on her, McDonald's memoir lives in slightly uncomfortable territory.

This should come as no surprise, as McDonald is one of the more often-featured comedians on Chelsea Handler's show "Chelsea Lately," and one of the writers of its sketch comedy spin-off, "After Lately." A follow-up to her first book, "You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again," "My Inappropriate Life" focuses on McDonald's experiences so far as a mother and wife.

The book is a series of anecdotes, jumping around through time. It's an enjoyable read, if somewhat disjointed. However, it's not easy to sympathize with McDonald's woes as a member of the upper-middle class when she is afforded many opportunities that are out of reach of most of America. Complaints about how tough it is to be middle class don't ring true when followed by tales of her friendship with the Kardashians or her stays at Vegas resorts. Similarly, some of McDonald's humor is a tad gauche, and will undoubtedly alienate some readers.

Reading "My Inappropriate Life" is not unlike watching "Chelsea Lately." It's enjoyable, though some of the humor occasionally seems to go too far. But what is too far in humor? What jokes are and aren't acceptable to make? And why do we judge ourselves for laughing at some things, but not at others? These are all questions that Heather McDonald and Chelsea Handler's comedy raise, and they are very valid questions. Those questions aren't necessarily answered by the book or the show, but they are interesting to consider.

All in all, "My Inappropriate Life" certainly isn't a book that will appeal to everyone, but it will be entertaining for those who are not overly sensitive to off-kilter humor.

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