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The L.A. Art Show: Vintage Posters and IFPDA Los Angeles Fine Print Fair

Clara Canul |
January 27, 2013 | 9:19 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Clara Canul/Neon Tommy
Clara Canul/Neon Tommy
Sponsored in part by the International Fine Print Dealers Association, the Los Angeles Art Show housed fine prints of the past and present.

Many of the works echoed themes of the past, highlighting the use of lithography, engravings, etchings and even woodcuts into modern day techniques like screen-printing. The IFPDA was created to give publishers, galleries and art dealers a space of recognition for their expertise in fine prints from old masters to contemporary as well as share knowledge of this style of art.

The Fine Prints at the L.A. Art Show came from 11 prestigious galleries such as Kleinprint of California, the Tolman Collection of New York and Stoney Road Press of Ireland.

Frances H. Gearhart displayed a highly stylized form of fine prints. In one of her color block prints entitled "Party," a little black-haired girl wears a baby blue dress with matching socks and hair bows, while playing with her mouth with one hand and holding her doll in the other. Originally intended for use in a children’s book (on which she collaborated with her sisters), this 1928 print evokes nostalgia for the simplicity of childhood. Gearhart’s strong black outline of the figure contributes to the playful, animated mood that the print was meant to suggest.

Clara Canul/Neon Tommy
Clara Canul/Neon Tommy
Along with exhibiting fine prints, the L.A. Art Show had a small but powerful collection of vintage posters. The vintage posters portion of the show depicts today’s interdisiplinary nature of the art world, combing artistic merit, consumption and advertisement, and politics into one source. These works came from only four galleries: Barclay Samson Ltd. of France, Galerie Michel Graglia of France, Gary Bruder Fine Art of New York and Michael Maslan Vintage Posters and Photographs of Washington State.

A vintage French poster for women’s tanning lotion contrasts vivid color with a simply drawn female figure to advertise the beauty one can achieve by using this product. While the woman in the poster looks away, it is the arresting contrast between her deeply tanned skin beneath a white dress that catch the viewers eye, making bronze beautiful.

This vast collection showcases breathtaking and groundbreaking pieces that help to further today’s conversation of art.

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