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France Calls For Greater U.S. Role In Mali Battle

Paresh Dave |
January 20, 2013 | 2:41 p.m. PST

Executive Director

An unmanned U.S. drone. (Doctress Neutopia/Flickr)
An unmanned U.S. drone. (Doctress Neutopia/Flickr)
In its escalating battle against al Qaeda militants in Mali, France is seeking greater U.S. support, including help refueling planes, moving supplies and spying from overhead with drones.

The Obama administration has yet to respond to the French requests, the Wall Street Journal reported.

France is fighting the same group that held Americans and others hostage at an oil field in Algeria this week. French officials have told the U.S. that American should play a key role in fighting the militants because al Qaeda has vowed to strike American targets.

The militants have been surging southward trying to take over control of Mali from a weakened government. France wants a "total reconquest" of Mali, leaving it devoid of any "resistance." Mali's government asked France for help in early January.

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