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Eric Garcetti Leads L.A. Mayor Poll

Matt Pressberg |
January 16, 2013 | 9:33 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Eric Garcetti is out in front of the mayoral race. (Eric Garcetti/Flickr)
Eric Garcetti is out in front of the mayoral race. (Eric Garcetti/Flickr)
Councilman Eric Garcetti leads the race to succeed Antonio Villaraigosa as the next mayor of Los Angeles by an eight-point margin over his closest challenger, according to an ABC7 poll released Wednesday.

Garcetti, the current city councilman representing the 13th district, earned the support of 26 percent of voters polled, with City Controller Wendy Greuel in second place with 18 percent and radio host Kevin James and Councilwoman Jan Perry of the 9th district tied for third with 12 percent each.

If Garcetti or any other candidate manages to receive over 50 percent of the vote in the March 5 primary, he or she would become the next mayor. In the more likely event that no candidate reaches that threshold, the top two vote-getters in March would advance to a May 21 runoff election.

Greuel's campaign sent out an email touting the reputation of its internal pollster, which it claims has Greuel leading the race:

"Our most recent poll of voters shows that Wendy leads her nearest competitor, Eric Garcetti, by two points, 20 percent to 18 percent. And, although many voters are still making up their minds, 58 percent of undecided voters are women, who have a more favorable view of Wendy."

Kevin James' campaign manager, Jeff Corless, disagreed with Greuel's team's take:

“This is a bad sign for Wendy Greuel and the fact that her cronies have stepped up attacks on James indicate her internal polls are making her very nervous."

James' campaign also claimed that the ABC7 poll showed voters are "recognizing insiders have run city hall into the ground and James is the only viable alternative."

The ABC7 poll also surveyed voters about the city attorney's race, finding incumbent Carmen Trutanich leading with 27 percent support, six points ahead of Assemblyman Mike Feuer.

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