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California Job Growth Halts, Unemployment Remains Steady

Lauren Madow |
January 18, 2013 | 1:02 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Construction job growth continued in December (Davitydave via flickr)
Construction job growth continued in December (Davitydave via flickr)
Seven consecutive months of job growth in California ended in December, according to the latest California Employment Development Department (EDD) report. Nonfarm payroll jobs decreased by 17,500, while the unemployment rate stayed at 9.8%. 

"Looking at the past 12 months California has slightly outpaced the nation in job growth, which is expected to continue in 2013," said Steven Levy of the Center for the Continuing Study of the California Economy.

"While the state benefits from a surge in technology jobs, a rebound in tourism and rising construction levels, California's growth is still tied to the uncertainties in the national economy around fiscal challenges and the slower world economy growth."

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Three fields did continue to add jobs in December: construction, information and educational/health services. The fields of trade, transportation and utilities showed the greatest decrease in job numbers, with a total of 11,200 jobs lost.

Since recovery from the recession began in February 2010, California has seen a total gain of 556,500 jobs. 

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