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Obama Heads To Hawaii For Congressional Cool Down

Eric Parra |
December 22, 2012 | 10:24 a.m. PST

Executive Producer


President Obama in the Brady Press Briefing Room (Pete Welsch/Creative Commons)
President Obama in the Brady Press Briefing Room (Pete Welsch/Creative Commons)
President Obama landed in Hawaii with his family early Saturday morning to enjoy a holiday break from all of the various stresses looming over the country. 

His leave came after issuing that both Congressional parties spend some time “cooling off” in order to reach a decision and put an end to the recent fiscal cliff debacle.

The cool down was required after Obama’s proposal for a deal that has yet to have been answered.  

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The president is hoping that the holiday break will allow enough time for congress members to revaluate their decisions and choices in the fiscal matter and come back with a solution and ready for an agreement. 

Statement by the President on the Fiscal Cliff: 

"So, as we leave town for a few days to be with our families for the holidays, I hope it gives everybody some perspective. Everybody can cool off; everybody can drink some eggnog, have some Christmas cookies, sing some Christmas carols, enjoy the company of loved ones."

If there had been any signs of reaching a decision, Obama would have likely delayed his trip, but the probability of that chance dwindled with Boehner’s failed Plan B proposal

From The Guardian

“Failure to strike a deal would result in the automatic triggering of $600bn worth of spending cuts and tax increases. This so-called fiscal cliff could be ruinous for the still fragile economic recovery in the US, experts have warned.”

The fiscal year will come to a close 10 days after Obama’s proposal for a break, which he promises to return from in exactly a week in hope of reaching a decision from Congress. 


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