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Newtown Funerals Continue Amid More Gun-Control Discussion

Paige Brettingen |
December 20, 2012 | 10:00 a.m. PST

Executive Producer

The funerals of the 26 school victims continue on through Saturday (Screenshot/ABC News)
The funerals of the 26 school victims continue on through Saturday (Screenshot/ABC News)

As Newtown, Conn., lays to rest the 20 children and six adults killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, Christmas has taken on a new meaning as the town has constructed a memorial with 26 Christmas trees– one for each victim at the school.

Edward Kish told CBS News he bought a Christmas tree two days before the shooting but hasn't had the heart to put it up or decorate it. "I'll still put it up, probably," he said. "It doesn't seem right, and it doesn't seem like Christmas."

At least nine funerals and wakes were held on Wednesday with more set for Friday and Saturday, the Associated Press reported.

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The December 14 shooting, which killed 28 people including the gunman Adam Lanza and his mother, has incited new discussion on toughening gun laws.

Vice President Biden is expected to lead the first meeting of a new White House task force initiated by President Barack Obama to discuss a plan for amending gun violence, Reuters reported:

  • In Newtown, a few dozen residents met at the town library on Wednesday night to discuss ways they could influence the national debate. Senator Richard Blumenthal told the group it was time for a "seismic change" in gun policies.
  • "This horrific tragedy has changed America, in the way that it is ready to stop the spread of gun violence," Blumenthal said.
  • The shooter, Adam Lanza, used guns that were legally purchased and registered to his mother Nancy, his first victim, in Friday's attack.

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The National Rifle Association has indicated this week that it may be ready to concede to tougher gun laws. According to Reuters, it said it would offer "meaningful contributions" to prevent such massacres at an event in Washington on Friday."

Social media has begun trending #26acts and doing random acts of kindness spurred by NBC News' Ann Curry in memory of teachers, students and school staff who lost their lives on Friday.


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