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Islamist Supporters Rally For Morsi

Amanda Martinez |
December 1, 2012 | 9:10 a.m. PST

Executive Producer


Protesters at an anti-Morsi rally, earlier this year. (Gigi Ibrahim/Flickr)
Protesters at an anti-Morsi rally, earlier this year. (Gigi Ibrahim/Flickr)
Tens of thousands of President Mohammed Morsi's supporters rallied across Egypt Saturday in response to this week's opposition protests.

The Muslim Brotherhood organized the rally to support both Morsi and a new constitution draft, passed by a panel of the president's Islamist supporters.

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Activists from the Brotherhood party called for people to "support Islamic law," after hundreds of thousands flooded Cairo's streets this week protesting Morsi's self-proclaimed extended powers. Eighteen other groups, including the Egyptian Revolution's Alliance and the Revolutionary Front to Protect the Revolution, participated in the rally.

Anti-Morsi activists called for a third protest Saturday, but CNN said Tahrir Square was nearly unoccupied by noon.

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Critics of Morsi claimed the draft constitution, which will be put to a national vote in two weeks, attempted to impose Islamic law. If passed, Morsi's sweeping new powers will be disbanded although it remains unclear whether Egypt will become a more free, democratic society.

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