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"Gossip Girl" Music Recap: No Greater Goodbye

Cortney Riles |
December 17, 2012 | 8:42 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Greetings Upper East Side Lovers, or criers (by now), 

Chuck & Blair finally wed! (CW)
Chuck & Blair finally wed! (CW)

It is officially an end of an era.

Last week I didn’t have much to say, but this week there might be too much, so sue me. Let me begin by saying I had doubts, serious doubts since episode one of the final season about how the show would end. Tonight those doubts were put to rest, for good. "Gossip Girl’s" series finale, “New York, I Love You, XOXO” was perfect. The show, the same way it began, could not have ended more perfectly. So now that you’re on board with this perfection, let’s get down to business.

The two-hour finale began with writers/producers Josh Schwartz (The OC) and Stephanie Savage and the entire "GG" crew reminiscing over the last six years. From the clothes to the music, yes the music, they talked about it all, including the ups and downs. “It’s Nice To Be Alive” by Ball Park Music kicked off the beginning of the first hour. 

‘On the Beat’ albeit brief, reviewed the music played throughout the show and a hint of the goals and meaning of it all. “We’ve used Leighton’s [Meester] songs, we’ve used Ed’s [Westwick] band, we’ve used Taylor [Momsen],” said Savage. The show wasn’t just about sharing what’s new and hot on the music scene, but also shedding light on the alternative careers of some of the "GG" cast members. “All of our actors have record deals,” added Schwartz. As the paid tribute to Alex Patsavas and her brilliant supervision, Savage then when on to share how she and Blake [Lively] were long time fans of Florence & The Machine, hence her appearance on and off scene in a few episodes. Her last, however, I consider to be the greatest inclusion. “We wanted the show to function like a magazine,” said Savage after adding the Sonic Hues who played an original version of “Star Power” at Rufus and Lily’s wedding and going on to re-enforce the show’s ability to influence viewers on what to listen to, what to wear and where to go.

The cabs, the town cars, the skyline, the buildings, the paparazzi, the clothes, the music. It will all be missed, as well the characters and their relationships that felt like some of our own. But the final hour, ever, of "Gossip

Or do they? (CW)
Or do they? (CW)
Girl" was gratifying beyond belief.

The last hour of the series finale began with a longer (than usual) recap of the last episode, or rather the entire season, leaving us at the top of the building where Bart fell off at his Man Of The Year Party last week. Cue a fitting rendition of “Bonnie & Clyde” that lasted for a good five minutes as Blair and Chuck hid in a limo after receiving help from Georgina to escape the party. The song played as Serena read Dan’s second story about her which led her back to her apartment where he was living, as Lily’s phone rang to deliver the news of Bart’s death (for the second, yet final time) and stopped as the police questioned Nate about Chuck’s whereabouts at the Empire. Dorota, Eleanor and Cyrus were questioned too, although Eleanor was thoroughly convinced that Blair and Chuck never would have killed Bart. “It’s not like Blair and Chuck killed the man,” she said forcefully to the NYPD officer.  

 Jack appears once again and suggests that Blair and Chuck get married before they’re caught so when they are, they won’t be able to testify against each other. “It’s twisted but it’s, uh, very you,” said Jack before he left ‘Chair’ alone in their hideout. And while Chuck proposes to Blair Cornelia Waldorf on one knee, lifting the engagement ring that lie around her neck, he wasn’t willing to wed in a courthouse with just Jack as a witness. 

If you were worried about Ivy and William’s relationship (like I was for a hot second) there was no need. William played Ivy like a deck of cards in front of Lily. “I’m getting exactly what I wanted, to be with Lily, the love of my life, the mother of my children,” said William. And the winner for the best insult goes to him as well. “You’re a Lifetime movie called Nobody Gives A Damn, the Ivy Dickens Story,” he said.

As Sage stays by Nate’s side trying to figure out who Gossip Girl is and what Nate’s next career move should be, Dan and Serena discuss his second chapter about her giving us a introduction into where it all (and by it I mean Gossip Girl) began. It started at a party where Dan was accidently invited to and mistaken as Matt a lacrosse player by Nate, as Rihanna’s “Pon De Replay” accompanied the underage drinkers. Yes, that Rihanna. And yes, that long ago. 

Jack and Georgina, the creepiest, crawliest characters to ever step foot on "Gossip Girl" work together, for the good of everyone else. I know, surprise number, I don’t know, 50 so far? 

Since we haven’t heard it enough, from the radio to “The Perks of Being A Wallflower” movie, Imagine Dragons “It’s Time” played as the cast was called (by Jack and Georgina) to the Warhol Exhibit to discuss the plan for Blair and Chuck to get married with their closest friends.... correction - their family, present. Hugs, kisses and smiles followed by orders form Dorota (talk about how things change) lead to new minions spilling about the wedding plans. 

Serena and Dan’s step in a good direction is put in question as he listens in on Blair’s final criticism of their relationship. “Serena Van Der Woodsen will never end up with a powerless striver,” she said. But that was the fuel “Lonely Boy” needed to turn in his Final Chapter, to Nate and the Spectator. 

Cue “The Road To Nowhere” by Talking Heads as Blair and Chuck engage in a long, slow kiss accompanied by a romantic dip and them being taken into custody by the NYPD immediately. And while that was a moment we all had been waiting for, I don’t think any of us (well at least I wasn’t) ready for what came next. 

Cue “Body of Work” by The Mynabirds as GOSSIP GIRL IS REVEALED TO BE DANIEL HUMPHREY. Yes, that DAN HUMPHREY. The outsider who always wanted in had been controlling the show all along. Even Dorota couldn’t handle the news. “Me too, vodka on the rocks, big glass, not too many olives,” she said to Jack as he went to make himself a drink. Best part, hands down.

The cast convened in the Waldorf Penthouse, where the newlywed seemed to be the only one furious with Humphrey being Gossip Girl (aside from Rufus). “This whole time I had more power than you,” said Dan to Blair. Her fury (and Rufus’s) didn’t last for long, however, after seeing the reality of it all. Their past, our present was coming to a close. “So I guess it’s over now, we can grow up and move on,” asked Blair. “Yep, Gossip Girl’s dead,” Dan replied.

Following the one millionth, and depressing might I add, "Carrie Diaries" commercial we fast-forward five years. As Nate steps off his NY Spectator Jet we find out he might be running for Mayor of NYC, I mean Bloomberg made a Gossip Girl day in NY and an appearance in the finale as GG’s identity is being revealed, so not too far off the map I suppose. Henry, Chuck and Blair’s son is adorable and impeccably dressed to no one’s surprise, as our favorite stars are brought together to watch Dan and Serena get married. And while all of these wonderful events are taking place, as I am holding back tears and praying that the 2% battery life on my laptop will get me through the last and best few minutes of the show something amazing happens. I can’t help but realize that I am so excited yet emotional not just because the series is ending but because Florence and The Machine’s “You Got The Love” is ending it all.

I could not imagine a better song or a better "GG" series finale. Seriously. If someone would like to challenge me on that, by all means.

Think about it. If you’re a "Sex & The City" fan (or obssessor) like I am, you’ll remember Candi Stanton’s original version closed the sixth and final season of the show. "Sex & The City" is classic, monumental, unforgettable, and incomparable. It is also a show I probably should not have been watching in middle school, but we won’t get into that. It was an end of an era. And "Gossip Girl" has ended an era, indeed. So the repetition of “You Got The Love” fit perfectly, especially considering Florence & The Machine, an artist that correlates with the current generation made it all the more worthwhile. 

But that wasn’t the final track. The final track of the final episode of the final season (yeah I still can’t believe it) was “Make Me Wanna Die” by The Pretty Reckless, also known as Taylor Momsen (or Jenny Humphrey)’s band. As the song played and tears were wiped away, we find that "Gossip Girl" will never truly die. Thank God. 

You Know You’ve Heard Me,


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