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The Weeknd Impresses At The Orpheum Theatre

Dian Qi |
December 16, 2012 | 12:00 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The Weeknd sold out the Orpheum show. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)
The Weeknd sold out the Orpheum show. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)
Up and coming R&B artist The Weeknd (stage name) performed at The Orpheum in Los Angeles this Saturday night for a wild and raucous crowd that were eager to see him perform his new album, "Trilogy," live.

The Weeknd, known for his high yet smokily seductive vocals, as well as his often explicit lyrics, impressed with a fantastic live performance at the sold-out venue.

The audience consisted mostly of young adults and was a fairly even mix of male and female fans.

A large number of couples were in attendance, making the night a comparatively intimate experience considering the type of music that defines The Weeknd—sensuous and mellow with a hint of electronic.

The night started off surprisingly haphazard with DJ Nosaj Thing performing electronic dance music and remixes for an audience in an unsuitably lit room.

His performance played out much like the previews before even the trailers in a movie theater, with the lights on and most of the audience talking and conversing with one another.

With the venue being seating only and no standing space, it was even more difficult for the audience to dance or feel involved with the music, and Nosaj Thing's performance unfortunately became downgraded from what should have been an opening act to mere background music.

Despite the night's questionable start followed by what felt like an intermission, the atmosphere experienced a marked shift when The Weeknd finally came out. The room went completely dark and the crowd rose to its feet, cheering and screaming as strobe lights bounced off every corner of the historical theater.

The Weeknd performing. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)
The Weeknd performing. (Dian Qi/Neon Tommy)

The backdrop to The Weeknd consisted of several large screens that played images and videos of women, light fixtures, and a live band. The Weeknd kicked off the night with his song "The Party & The Afterparty" and sang several other hits off of his new album as well as his earlier mixtapes throughout the night.

In between songs, he pumped up the crowd and sang the words "California" and "Los Angeles" in his sultry and fantastic vocals, causing fangirls to scream and go wild—one woman even threw her bra onto the stage.

Other songs that were performed included "The Bird," "Crew Love," "High for This," "Wicked Games" and "Trust Issues".

The Weeknd ended the night with the hit "The Rolling Stone." However, as expected, the crowd continued to cheer and whistle for minutes after the finale, demanding an encore. 

The Weeknd obliged and performed two more songs, "Montreal" and "Outside."

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