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110 Freeway Brought To Standstill By Man On Sign

Paresh Dave |
December 10, 2012 | 4:03 p.m. PST

Executive Director


[View the story "Man Threatening To Jump Onto 110 Freeway In Downtown L.A. Snarls Traffic" on Storify]
Man Threatening To Jump Onto 110 Freeway In Downtown L.A. Snarls Traffic L.A. Fire Department issued an alert at 2:13 p.m. Monday about a man trying to jump off the ledge off a southbound freeway sign on the 7th Street bridge above the 110 Harbor Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles. Traffic backed up for miles.

Storified by Neon Tommy · Mon, Dec 10 2012 15:58:09

If you are wondering why #traffic was a nightmare on the 110 freeway today -- @5LiveTraffic http://pic.twitter.com/OjK0rQGjMarcus Smith
“@MrCheckpoint: NOW Man is trying to jump from the sign on the 110 freeway!! #DONTJUMP http://pic.twitter.com/1WTM1lGE” can I get that for my birthday?Daniel Rodriguez
A guy is trying to jump from the bridge on 7th street to the 110 Freeway. LAFD stopped the traffic and have http://instagr.am/p/TEugZ-JIov/Niño de Jesús
Sitting in a parking lot.. that is the 110 freeway... this is some bulls**t!!Pamela Monique
Avoid the 110 South freeway. Someone is threatening to jump from one of the bridges, so traffic is backed up http://instagr.am/p/TEvBuxEKfj/Kira T.
South 110 shut down to one lane. WE HAVE A JUMPER (left of frame on freeway sign) http://instagr.am/p/TEtTDgguOW/Sean Leonard
Just saw some guy trying to jump off the bridge over the freeway by my apt...never thought I would see that! Soo scary! Don't do it!!!Stephanie Fronczak
Dat 110 freeway aint no joce right now.Paulo Jay
Sitting in traffic so horrible that I honestly think I will abandon my car and live the rest of my life off the grid.Jen D'Angelo
Some fool trying to jump off the bridge on the 110 FWY. #idiot traffic Blocked for miles. http://pic.twitter.com/9j9YwME9Paul Joubran
watching a jumper fuck up all of the traffic on the 110 southbound.. homie got everyone in LA pissedRude Liz



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