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The 10 Best Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Designs Of All Time

Kathy Zerbib |
December 1, 2012 | 5:23 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Heidi Klum 2007-Youtube)
(Heidi Klum 2007-Youtube)
1. The Snowflake Wings of ‘07

Heidi Klum’s snowflake outfit looked larger than life in the 2007 Victoria’s Secret fashion show. With her then-husband Seal at her side, her overwhelming aura dominated the show and was a sight to remember for years to come. Heidi’s sensational outfit begs an age-old question: “How are those models able to balance all that weight on their backs?!”

2. The Smizer in Angel Wings of ‘01

Tyra Banks knew exactly how to work her angles for the angel outfit she wore in 2001. The contrast provided by the outfit proved gorgeous against her skin color and, most surprisingly, we are given a glimpse at wings that are not overbearing and phenomenal. After a look to the past, it is clear that the over-the-top wings of today are infinitely times better than the styrofoam-looking ones of before.

3. The Coquette of Hearts of ‘06

The Coquettish Fetish designs of 2006 were show stoppers. Julia Stegner’s outfit in particular proved the most impressive of all, and, by the way she strutted down the runway that night, she knew it. Unconventional dresses of this nature that challenge traditional styling should be more common in Victoria’s Secret fashion shows.

4. The Glamour Goddess of ‘08

Selita Ebanks looked like Greek winged perfection in her Glamour Goddess outfit from 2008. From her fierce facials to her dazzling foot action to her incredible outfit, Selita captured the catwalk and brought her own intensity to the show. Her goddess outfit was arguably the best of the bunch.

5. The $2.5-Million Fantasy Bra of ‘12

All eyes on her! Alessandra Ambrosio had the pleasure of wearing one of the most exquisite designs ever, including an astounding $2.5 million Fantasy bra. This Floral Fantasy bra was created by London Jewelers and boasts an assortment of flashy rocks – amethysts, rubies, sapphires, diamonds, and gold for Alessandra to sparkle up and down the runway.

(Miranda Kerr 2011- Youtube)
(Miranda Kerr 2011- Youtube)
6. The $2.5-Million Fantasy Bra of ‘11

Speaking of $2.5-million Fantasy bras by London Jewelers, remember the stunner Miranda Kerr sported just a year earlier? While the 2012 design is obviously an upgrade, the 2011 model held its own and Miranda pulled the look off effortlessly. Miranda and Alessandra (in addition to models before them like Tyra Banks and Adriana Lima) have rocked the Fantasy bras. The question is, who do you think wore it better?

7. The Enchanted Forest of ‘09

It isn’t every year that a model carries her personal landscape behind her while owning the runway. Caroline Trentini’s 2009 outfit combined nature’s beauty and the beauty of pink lingerie. Her flawless features and captivating gaze helped her pull of carrying a forest on her back. In this outfit, Caroline is always ready for a close up.

8. The Russian Babe of ‘05

Julia Stegner was given the most intricate Sexy Russian Babe outfit in 2005 and, thankfully, did the beautiful design justice. Though it appears the earlier Victoria’s Secret designs are much simpler and less extravagant than the ones showcased this year (and will be featured in the show next week!), Julia’s outfit is evidence that early fashion shows featured outfits that are just as memorable.

9. The White Wonder of ‘06

Perhaps it’s just the way Adriana Lima spices up a design that makes her 2006 Winter Wonderland outfit so spectacular. From the flowing cape to the narrow bikini, Adriana pulls it off effortlessly and makes the runway hers. So many of her outfits could find its way onto this look simply because they were worn by someone with such elegance and character.

10. The Wild Thing of ‘10

Lais Ribeiro’s figure was a perfect match for the Wild Things outfit she wore in the 2010 fashion show. Complete with intimidating wings and an ensemble of half-dressed men behind her, the model looked like a fierce (and certainly wild) creation that only Victoria’s Secret has the creativity to give her.

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