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Sutter Brown Continues His Trip On "Yes On 30"

Xueqiao Ma |
November 3, 2012 | 5:17 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Sutter Brown encourages voters to vote "Yes on 30" (Xueqiao Ma)
Sutter Brown encourages voters to vote "Yes on 30" (Xueqiao Ma)
Days away from the Nov. 6 election, Sutter Brown, the first dog of California, made his 25th stop of his state wide tour on promoting the "Yes on 30" campaign on Saturday morning in East Los Angeles.

"Two-thousand six-hundred miles all over the cities of California together and every place Sutter's been inspiring volunteers and phone bankers, encouraging them…He is really really into Prop 30…he speaks human," said Jennifer Fearing, California Senior State Director for the Humane Society of the U.S. and a campaign volunteer for Prop 30.

Fearing patted on Sutter's head and continued, "You have to check his Facebook and Twitter…this is the craziest idea ever." 

Charles Fernandez, a senior in high school, was doing his homework while waiting to make phone calls.

"This is for my 10 political hours for my government class…. In a way, it benefits me, it will lower tuition for college..I'm going to a community college and hope to transfer from there," said Fernandez.

Since a rally with UCLA students on campus on Oct 16., Gov. Jerry Brown has spent the past three weeks criss-crossing the state to pitch Prop. 30 to different groups. 

Prop. 30 creates the "Education Protection Account," a special fund inside the General Fund that is a "lockbox" to ensure the money is spent on education.

The measure would raise sales and income taxes in order to avert $6 billion in primarily education cuts.

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