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Still Undecided? Read This Before You Vote

Ryan Shaw |
November 6, 2012 | 12:44 a.m. PST


You voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and you should vote for him again today. (Steve Garfield, Creative Commons)
You voted for Barack Obama in 2008, and you should vote for him again today. (Steve Garfield, Creative Commons)
Well folks, here we are again. It’s been four years since we’ve seen each other. It’s that time to make a decision again. You’re not as excited as last time. You considered skipping the election altogether. The last few years haven’t been the best. Gas prices are still going up, tuition is still going up, food is getting more expensive, jobs are still hard to come by. Progress has been slow. 

You’re frustrated. Why should this guy get your vote again? Let’s think about this for a moment. 

Something brought you out to the polls today. That tugging on your coat, that nagging at your heels, it’s that feeling in your gut that brought you here. You know you should vote, but who deserves your vote more? The answer lies within that deep, personal chasm we call trust. 

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In Mitt Romney, we have a candidate that seemed like a conservative champion mere months ago. When conservatives asked all the Republican candidates to jump, Mitt asked how high, and he reached for the stars. 

But what did we see during the last debate? 

We saw a candidate in Mitt that had nearly become an Obama clone, agreeing with the President on major foreign policy issues. All of this being an about-face from positions he took in the Republican primaries. Positions he thought he needed to take to win.

It’s the Mitt we’ve all come to know. He’s the flip-flop candidate that goes wherever the wind blows. It’s why conservatives have reservations about him, and why moderates are suspicious. 

The biggest reason to not vote for Romney is not because of the positions he holds today; rather, it’s the uncertainty of where he will stand tomorrow. Where will he stand when Iran is knocking on the door? Where will he stand if our economy faces a setback to recovery? Where will he stand when things aren’t going his way? 

We don’t know where he will stand. 

That’s a dangerous thing. 

That’s why you should vote for Barack Obama this time around. 

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You may not always agree with his policies. The gridlock can be frustrating. The lack of progress is worrisome. Unemployment is still high and times are still tough for a lot of families. But you’ll always know where he stands. 

You know he’ll always keep his cool under pressure. 

Over the past four years, liberals have been upset with him, as have moderates and conservatives, but he held steady. Just like he did in Libya, just like he did with Bin Laden and just like has done with Iran. You know he’ll stand by his convictions, even when they are staring the Supreme Court in the face. 

Most importantly, you’ll always know where he stands—even if you don’t agree with him. 

That feeling in your gut, it’s back again.


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