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Romney's Surprise Visit To Pennsylvania

Roonhee Ko |
November 5, 2012 | 10:13 a.m. PST


Creative Commons
Creative Commons
During the presidential campaign, both President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney have aimed at specific states to gain final support.

President Barack Obama restated his record and views for voters in Pennsylvania and Minnesota.

Pennsylvania has voted for the Democratic presidential candidate for the last 20 years and Obama's senior political strategist even joked that he would shave off his mustache of 40 years if Obama loses in Pennsylvania.

Romney strived to gain support in swing states such as Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

However, at the last minute, Romney's team has decided to spend their time in Pennsylvania on Sunday instead. Romney is making an in-person push in the state;

Republicans say this is a sign of strength whereas Democrats argue it is a sign of desperation. 


This push may be to increase Romney's chances of winning the swing state.

Over the last few years Pennsylvania has voted for a Republican senator and governor, and it may seem natural that the state would vote for a Republican president.

Republicans want to target certain demographics such as women there who are very moderate, pro-gay rights, but still might support a leader like Romney. Highly educated people living in wealthier regions of suburban Philadelphia are expected to vote for Romney.

Romney is closing in on the present in recent polls. A Franklin and Marshall poll released earlier this month showed Obama with a 4- point lead. Pennsylvania GOP chairman Rob Gleason believes Romney's visit on Sunday will either make Romney break even or pull ahead. 


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