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NTFL Videocast, Week 13: Divisional Battles Get Serious

Law Murray, Ryan Nunez |
November 29, 2012 | 11:43 a.m. PST

Staff Writers

As we bid November and the first three quarters of the NFL season farewell, Law Murray is back, solo this week. Even so, Ryan Nunez briefly shares his two cents on the state of the USC football coaching situation.

Also on the show this week:

*Thurday Night Football: The NFC South-leading Atlanta Falcons host the only team to beat them, the desperate New Orleans Saints.

*NFC North leader Chicago Bears host the Seattle Seahawks, who have wins over the Packers and Vikings.

*Two NFC North Wild Card contenders, coming off losses: Vikings at Green Bay

*AFC leader Houston Texans (10-1) go to Tennessee; Titans have fired OC Chris Palmer (QB Jake Locker on notice?)

*AFC North leader Baltimore Ravens host the Steelers, who will either start an injured QB or a bad one coming off of an eight-turnover game.

*Ohio at California: Raiders host Browns, Bengals (AFC Wild Card contender) at San Diego

*NFC East primetime: Cowboys host Eagles, Redskins (5-6) host division-leading Giants.

*No mention this week of the Patriots (at Miami) or Broncos (hosting Tampa Bay) considering their safe division leads, but that could change if they are upset by the Florida teams.

Give us your feedback, and we'll get back to you all in December for the playoff push!



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