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Clues For November Hues

Erika Ostroff |
November 4, 2012 | 10:41 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Image- Neiman Marcus)
(Image- Neiman Marcus)
When November comes to mind, auburn-like pumpkin, deep cranberry, golden squash and brownish chestnut hues seem to consume both the Thanksgiving meal and your closet, alike. But it’s time to leave these classic fall tones on the table and spin your color wheel of fortune. By rocking black and white, maroon or emerald this November, you’ll likely be wracking in your own fashion fortune.

Black and White
If you’ve been keeping up with the trends at all this year, you’d have a slew of boldly colored pieces. Whether you are proud owner of a thin neon belt, or you were a staunch supporter of the color-blocking craze, bright, complex and vivid colors were (and still sometimes are) trendy. But the tables have turned this November and the fashion gods are demanding you revert back to the basics with black and white. While some would argue that black and white are not colors, per say, their vast contrasts combine to make an audacious statement. There’s no single way to wear the dynamic duo. Alice + Olivia’s  black/white Kidman Tweed Jacket goes seemingly with a pencil skirt or throw jeans on bottom for a sophisticated yet casual guise. The pair also makes for a fierce nighttime ensemble. Kristen Stewart recently wore a black and white Balenciaga one-piece for her On the Road premiere. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be clash-free when pairing black and white. It’s simple yet sharp, calm and collected then trendy but chic.

You can drink your wine and wear it too. Deep and sultry reds are taking over, deeming appropriate, as the steamy and suggestive blood-sucking vampire trend has too. It’s time to roll your sleeve up and get your hands dirty, or painted. OPI’s new fall 2012 color, Shoot For The Maroon, is a dark reddish-purple, the ideal mix to finish off a tailored fall look. The polish’s shimmery tinge lends the otherwise serious hue some youth and complexity. But if you’re one of those girls that fears the notorious chip and prefers to stick with an au natural clear coat, IRO’s Exclusive Biker Leather Jacket from Intermix makes a basic piece (the leather jacket) a statement one, with it’s burgundy tone. It’s earthy enough to blend as a basic, but can give an added pop to the day-to-day outfit.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; but who says we can’t make room for some emerald? It seems as though green has been on the style guide for some time now. We’ve seen it in the cargo pant trend circa the millennium and in the more recent military jacket obsession. This November, however, the dark, leafy color is making way through different textures – velvet, suede and wax to name a few.  J BRAND’s 901 Texture Coated Conifer Legging is a prime example. The forest green earth tone is dark and flattering. By wearing colored bottoms, you can throw on a simple top and still have a stylish yet worry-free get-up. The wax texture is also big this season. With these bottoms, you’re killing two fashion birdies with one stylish stone.

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