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The Grove Releases Its Own Shopping App

Seher Chawla |
November 28, 2012 | 2:13 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

(Image @TheGroveLA)
(Image @TheGroveLA)
This November, The Grove, one of Los Angeles' premier shopping centers, decided to get creative and launch its own shopping application. Executive Galit Shokrian complained that all the tech companies were giving the same pitch but the retail center wanted to do something different. He told ApparelNews.net, " Grove guests don’t come for a sale. They come for an experience. Our app had to be the same way. It had to be an experience.” So, the executives decided to DIY the project and after a year of development in association with software company Phunware, the application was officially released on November 17 on iTunes and will be available on Android next year.

The app is called The Grove and offers a variety of social functions. Customers can access the "Meet Me" section where they can share what theyre eating and buying with their friends. They can also use the "Dressing Room Confidential" to show their friends what clothes they are trying on and get their feedback. Stylist Marina Monroe will be around to offer style tips to the clients, who will then have an opportunity to have their photo taken and posted in the "Spotted At The Grove" section of the application. 

Apart from shopping, customers can book tables online using the app and also get access to recipes posted by The Grove's many restaurants. Movie booking and concierge service is also included in the features of this application. While this looks like a perfect plan to increase sales and visits to the shopping center, it is hard to maintain a good app and the company has to consider the costs of doing so. Fresh content is also required daily to keep users hooked on to it. Let's see if The Grove can keep up with the challenge!

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