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Glow BIO Juice Bar To Open on Melrose

Katherine Ostrowski |
November 16, 2012 | 2:19 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Kimberly Synder, nutritionist and author of The Beauty Detox Solution, is opening up her own juice bar this week to dish up nourishing juices and smoothies to Los Angeles.

The juice oasis named Glow BIO was scheduled to open this Thursday, November 15th, but is running behind. Representatives did not respond to calls inquiring about when their doors will open. 

Drew Barrymore attended Synder’s launch party Wednesday, November 14th. Synder has been helping Barrymore get back in shape after her daughter’s birth, according to US Magazine. Synder’s detox smoothies are popular among celebrities and common on movie sets. 

“I love her, and as a new mom, I live and worship her program. She is such an amazing woman and I’m so happy to have a place like this I can come to," Barrymore said to US Magazine.

Synder’s holistic philosophy claims to heal the body from within; the “BIO” stands for “balanced inside out.” Her smoothies, juices and detox cleansing programs use organic greens, fruit and vegetables, such as the Baby Skin Booster Smoothie (16oz, $8.25) containing blueberries, bee pollen, Stevia and coconut

(Creative commons/flickr)
(Creative commons/flickr)

She even has detox “shots” focusing on different health goals like bloating, energy and digestion. The Lemon-Aid Probiotic Shot ($4) combines probiotics, water and lemon to improve digestion with healthy bacteria.

According to her bio, Synder gained insight about holistic health on a three-year journey all over the world. After graduating from Georgetown University, she traveled to six different continents gathering information about food and how it affects the human body.

“My approach is just balancing back to nature," Synder said to US Magazine. "I recommend whole food like the glowing green smoothie, which is the foundation of my program. A lot of greens and a lot of plant foods like vegetables."

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