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Fantasy Football Week 13: Sleepers and Busts

David Tobia |
November 30, 2012 | 5:20 p.m. PST

Staff Writer

Percy Harvin isn't worth starting this week. (Mike Morbeck/Creative Commons)
Percy Harvin isn't worth starting this week. (Mike Morbeck/Creative Commons)
It’s the last week of the regular season for most fantasy leagues, so if you’re still reading this, congrats! You’ve made it far enough to still be in playoff contention. Or you’re a degenerate like me and genuinely care about fantasy football for some reason. Some people are just weird, I guess.

So with that said, I know a lot is on the line for you this week. You may have secured a playoff spot and are jockeying for a higher seed, or you may need a win to sneak into the playoffs in typical Giants style. So since this week is more important than most, I will upgrade my advice from mediocre to wildly mediocre. You’re welcome.

Here we go.

Injured Studs You Shouldn’t Start:

Percy Harvin, WR, Vikings: I expect Harvin to play for the real Vikings, but he shouldn’t play for any fake teams this week. Early practice reports indicate that Harvin looks good running in a straight line, but not going in and out of breaks. Well isn’t that just great for a guy who makes his living making people miss (Harvin leads NFL receivers in missed tackles forced with 27 - more than double any other receiver)?

I’m no doctor, but it’s hard to make people miss while running in a straight line (unless you’re playing the Jets). I’d much rather start someone like Ryan Broyles than Harvin this week. See if Broyles is lurking on your waiver wire before risking it with Harvin.

Matt Forte, RB, Bears: Much has been made of the Seahawks' terrible run defense over the past three weeks, but Forte hurt his ankle last week, and hasn’t really been scoring touchdowns anyway. Michael Bush would have been a decent play here had Forte sat out, but now I see the game going something like: "Forte - 14 carries, 67 yards" and "Bush - 8 carries, 29 yards, TD." That's almost useful, but not really.

Injury Replacements Who Should be in Your Lineup:

Bryce Brown, RB, Eagles: Trent Richardson is very good at football. Bryce Brown was better at high school football than Trent Richardson. That means he’s better now, right? No, probably not. But he’s still worth starting. And the fact that he’s still available in 40 percent of ESPN leagues is ludicrous. The Cowboys have played adequate defense of late, but Brown should have a decent game receiving to help him reach 100 yards.

Ryan Broyles, WR, Lions: My advice is nothing if not repetitive. Earlier in the article I told you to start Broyles over Harvin, and this is the part where I tell you why. If the Colts allowed 330 yards passing to the Jaguars, what will happen when NFL passing yardage leader Mathew Stafford comes to town?

NCAA all-time receptions leader Ryan Broyles did well filling in for Titus Young last week, who is out indefinitely because of an impressive display of selfishness. Broyles seized the day in such a way that even Horace was impressed. Broyles ended the day with six receptions and 126 yards on 12 targets. Of course, Matthew Stafford threw the ball 61 times, but is such a number really that strange for the Lions? Broyles should have another great week as Indianapolis rolls coverage towards Calvin Johnson.

Bonus Stat of the Week: Arizona's Larry Fitzgerald has been targeted on passes of 20 yards or more 17 times this year. He caught one. This, of course, is not his fault, as only one of the 17 targets was "catchable" according to Pro Football Focus.

Don't Forget: Greg Jennings of the Packers is back from injury. Don't be suprised if he scores multiple touchdowns this week. He's healthy, motivated, and very good at football. More on this next week.

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