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Julia Brownley Gives Democrats Another Seat In House

Nandini Ruparel |
November 7, 2012 | 9:05 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter


The newly drawn 26th Congressional District was one of the most hotly contested seats in California, with two newcomers fighting for the edge to win.

Democrat Julia Brownley, who had been called "too extreme" by her opponent, Republican Tony Strickland, ran on a platform of growing the middle class and supporting the Democratic party. She won early Wednesday capturing 52 percent of the vote in unofficial results.

"I had a great team, and so many committed folks from all over Ventura County who engaged in a significant way," she said. "There were people who gave financially more than they ever anticipated. They kept giving $25 more, $50 more. They wanted this so very badly." 

Strickland, on the other hand is very Republican and was accused of not "sharing the same values" as voters. 

The incumbent, Elton Gallegly, announced his retirement this year, opening the race up within a district that is fairly even in Democrats and Republicans, with a significant number of unaffiliated voters as well.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Brownley had raised $923,000 as of Oct. 15 and Strickland $1.4 million in the first half of the year.

Each party of the respective candidate had also been buying ads and organizing phone banks in order to raise the chances of success. Republicans had pledged a massive get out the vote effort on the ground in the final days.

Both candidates had focused in on the economy, but had different views on how to fix it. 

In September, Brownley filed a FEC complaint against Strickland regarding two donations that allegedly did not follow campaign finance rules and were submitted past deadline. When asked, the FEC did not have any record of this complaint. Brownley's campaign never responded to requests for comment.



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