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Change L.A. County Voters Want To See In The 2012 Election

Rosa Trieu |
November 6, 2012 | 9:50 p.m. PST

Staff Photographer

Voters like Jimmy Iwamoto were strongly motivated in participating in the 2012 election. (Rosa Trieu/Neon Tommy)
Voters like Jimmy Iwamoto were strongly motivated in participating in the 2012 election. (Rosa Trieu/Neon Tommy)
Jimmy Iwamoto, 25, voted for the first time Tuesday in the presidential election with his aging parents and educated, but unemployed, friends in mind.

Iwamoto dropped out of California State University, Los Angeles because of rising costs in tuition, parking and books, but said he's relatively lucky.

"I would've been draining myself for money," Iwamoto said. "Luckily my job right now helps me make money to support myself. I've got friends who graduated recently asking me for jobs, but I have to tell them, no, they're getting rid of people right now."

Iwamoto continued, "It's sad. It's crazy. My friends are paying all this money for school and they're only making minimum wage. So it's like my vote's going to make a difference. Any vote's going to make a difference. I didn't look too carefully at the propositions. I'm mostly concerned about the presidency."

Iwamoto was one of many Los Angeles County residents who had strong feelings about either presidential candidate or specific propositions, like Kurt Laron who said he came out to vote on Proposition 30 and Proposition 32.

"I think that the state has been bought and paid for by the public sector unions," Laron said. "I think they're out of control. They outspend everybody. We get fleeced every ballot measure for taxation and I'm sick and tired of it."

Laron also had frustrations about politicians in Sacramento responsible for delays in passing the state budget.

"They haven't passed a budget in like, years. I mean, I can't believe people are getting away with this," Laron said. "Enough is enough. All of us need to stand up and start doing the right thing. And if we don't, we get what we get."



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