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"30 Rock" Recap: Mazel Tov, Dummies!

Seher Chawla |
November 30, 2012 | 3:05 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Liz and Chris on their special day! (NBC)
Liz and Chris on their special day! (NBC)

Liz Lemon is getting married! Liz and Chris ran into Dennis while they were eating disco fries. She was appalled when she saw that Dennis has adopted a black child (called Black Dennis) and has been allowed to do so just because he is married now. The enraged couple decided to get married the next day at the City Hall. Dressed in their worst clothes, they reached City Hall and Liz was taken aback by all the other couples who are in love, and happy to celebrate their 'special' day. As a rebuttal, she reminisces about her first eye roll as a kid at her aunt's wedding. But Chris had a plan of his own. He told Liz that he forgot his birth certificate at home and must go back to get it. In that time, she decides to find two witnesses from the nearby park. When Chris returned wearing the turtleneck he was wearing when they first met, and having gotten Dennis and his family to act as witnesses, Liz succumbed to the emotional drama and admitted that she does in fact want to be a princess on her wedding day. They both decide that they wil dress up well and get married in a 'special' way with rings and flowers and all the paraphernelia.

Meanwhile, Tracy was dealing with issues of his own. Burdened by work for his new production company, he was already at his maximum tolerance level when he realized that he is perfectly healthy and will probably live for another 40-50 years. What follows is a hilarious series of events where Tracy must behave like a responsible adult. He gave away his pet piranha, replaced his chainsaw hat fund with the kids' college fund, planned his retirement, read movie proposals and.. brushed his teeth! In all his sadness, he crossed the street and got hit by a cab and entered his mind where Jack was dressed as Harriet Tubman and gave him life advice. When Tracy awoke, he saw Liz comes out of the cab and congratulates her on her marriage.

Like her costar, Jenna also faced reality when she got a blast from the past. A few years ago, she had starred in a commercial for Surge energy drink and declared that the first person to collect a million points would get to own her. A crazy fan greeted her on the street and told her that he has a million points, but fortunately Jack convinced him that since owning Jenna and keeping her in a birdcage (his original plan) is illegal, he should just claim the equivalent of her worth, $2000.

While looking for a dress to wear for the wedding, Liz realized that her closet is too depressing and the only white dress she owns is a Princess Leia costume, so she decides to wear it. The wedding went well and Jack even invited Tony Bennett to sing! The couple exchanged jewelry from the police auction happening next door- Liz got a dead drug dealer's ring, and Chris got a gold mouthpiece which of course, got stuck to Liz's lip when he kissed her. All in all, a perfect wedding.

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