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"30 Rock": Aunt Phatso Vs Jack Donaghy Recap

Seher Chawla |
November 16, 2012 | 3:06 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

A still from Tracy Jordan's movie about Aunt Phatso and Jack Donaghy (NBC)
A still from Tracy Jordan's movie about Aunt Phatso and Jack Donaghy (NBC)

This week's episode concentrates less on Liz Lemon and more on a battle of the wits between Tracy and Jack.  It also sees the return of Hazel, Kenneth's girlfriend. The episode begins with Jack walking into his office noticing that all the African Americans he passes are laughing at him. This leaves him utterly confused until he sees what Tracy has been up to- his new movies have him starring as Aunt Phatso, a sort of a Big Mama who is constantly quarelling with "Jack Donaghy" with hilarious results. Jack is embarrassed as the Jack Donaghy from the movies behaves the same way as he does and also says the same things. He tries to order Tracy to remove the film from the market, but Tracy refuses and Jack resorts to calling his lawyers to sue Tracy for libel. However, Jack soon realizes that this is not possible because none of the content of the stories is false and thus, Tracy has outsmarted him. And Jack actually accepts Tracy's victory!

But the women of the office aren't exempt from this type of egotistical battle. Hazel wants some time on "TGS" to show off her skills in gymnastics but Jenna doesn't want the spotlight to be moved away from her. So Jenna decides to be Kenneth's friend, and in essence tries to offer him what he receives from Hazel. Kenneth is taken aback but gives in to her scheme and starts telling her about his life. Hazel, too, is busy implementing her own plans to get on "The Girlie Show". Since Liz had to get quadruple bunion surgery, she is unable to walk for three weeks and Hazel rescues her by being her assistant for the time. Liz is happy to have someone to help her but does not realize that Hazel has ulterior motives. When Liz asks to be taken on the set, Hazel tells her that she should rest on the couch and watch the live feed from TV. Liz, happy as ever to act lazily, thanks Hazel and starts watching the video but suddenly sees herself on the screen. She then realises that Hazel has tricked her into watching an old video and she must get to the set fast enough to stop her from taking over "TGS". 

Liz must make a choice - should she rest her feet and let the show be a mess or should she let go of her dream of being a mother for her career? Her urge to control the workings of the show is so huge that she tears apart her bandages and runs to stop the show, but fails and the show ends in a mess. She does manage to take Hazel out though. 

What will Hazel do now? We will find out on the next episode of "30 Rock" on Thursday 8pm on NBC.

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