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"2 Broke Girls And The Egg Special" Recap

Seher Chawla |
November 27, 2012 | 8:10 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Max and Caroline asking Sophie for money. (CBS)
Max and Caroline asking Sophie for money. (CBS)

Martha Stewart re-enters Max and Caroline's lives when Caroline finds that their cupcake business has been mentioned in the magazine Martha Stewart Living. The girls are beyond excited and believe that this is their chance to finally make millions out of their business. When they go to Andy's shop to give him the good news, he tells them about a shooting in the Soup Kitchen right across the street from his shop. Max is mesmerized by the crime scene but Caroline is already forming plans in her mind. She realizes that the value of that plot would have gone down considerably because of the shooting and if the girls could get a loan, they could open up their own shop there. 

With the mission of getting a loan in their mind, Max and Caroline visit different alternatives. First, they ask Sophie for money but she refuses. Then, they go to a women's cooperative for small business funding but are rejected because they do not meet the requirements. Later, Caroline finds a bank in New Hampshire that is ready to give them a loan without really looking into their history in detail, but that fails too. In the end, Max tries to be the mastermind and finds a Craigslist listing that could give them the funds they need in good time. The listing is for an egg donor and the compensation is between ten to twenty thousand dollars. Max immediately agrees to donate and takes Caroline along with her. However, since she has a family history of 'alcohol and secrets' mentioned in her form, she is rejected. Caroline then steps up and finds out that her Wharton education is going to help her make money after all since Ivy League graduates' eggs are bought for $20000. While she is getting her blood tested, Caroline is not able to control her fear of needles and jumps up, splattering blood across the walls, much like the crime scene.

The girls are heartbroken and agree to put their dreams on hold for a bit and return to their waitressing jobs. Surprisingly enough, Sophie saves the day by accidentally writing a check for $20000 instead of $20 for her diner bill and the girls are rich! Final tally just jumped to $21328!

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