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"2 Broke Girls And The Preapproved Credit Card" Recap

Seher Chawla |
November 6, 2012 | 4:59 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Caroline and Max are excited to finally meet Darius, Earl's son, who is in town to audition for the Comedy Club (CBS)
Caroline and Max are excited to finally meet Darius, Earl's son, who is in town to audition for the Comedy Club (CBS)

2 Broke Girls finally returns after two weeks of no-show!

The girls see a beacon of hope when they receive a preapproval for a credit card in the mail. They are amazed when the card is actually approved online and they are free to start spending money on things tha matter to them, a new pair of shoes for Caroline, for instance. 

Having clubbed one of her Louboutins at the diner, Caroline is desparately limping about trying to find a pair of heels that she can wear intstead. Max, on the other hand, needs new lipstick and for some strange reason, a box of lizards.

Excited by their new cards, the girls show them to Earl who warns them to be cautious about using them and lets them know that one of his favorite sons, Darius, is coming to visit him. When he arrives, Darius peppers the conversation with jokes which Han does not find funny at all. Earl, happy to see his son, tells Max and Han that Darius has always been funny and is in fact the funniest salesman at the car dealership where he works. Darius takes this opportunity to tell his father and the others that he has quit his job and plans to audition at the Comedy Club the next day under the name of Darius the Hilarious. Max is excited by this news and ensures him that they will all be there to support him. Meanwhile, Caroline and Oleg also meet Darius and realise that thery are not fans of his condescending sense of humor.

Later, at the Comedy Club audiiton, Darius' jokes are a flop as no one laughs except Max, who is trying to keep him motivated. When all his jokes fail, Darius takes a dig at Han's height, which makes the audience laugh. He discovers what makes the audience tick and starts taking shots at different people in the audience, creating a riot of laughter. More importantly, he wins Earl over and feels like a proud son.

Max cuts up her credit card as it gets rejected at the Comedy Club, but not before paying to repair Caroline's Louboutins, while Caroline says she wants to keep her card in a safe place for emergencies only. The girls decide on a place that is safe but will not allow them to give into temptation often- Oleg's pants!

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