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"2 Broke Girls And The Candy Manwich" Recap

Seher Chawla |
November 14, 2012 | 3:24 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Caroline and Andy hit it off while Max dreams of unlimited candy! (CBS)
Caroline and Andy hit it off while Max dreams of unlimited candy! (CBS)

Caroline and Max are frustrated as the clientele of the Williamsburg Diner has changed from the usual low-income and hipster crowd to teenagers ordering coffees and furiously typing on their laptops, making it seem like a Starbucks for the poor. With all the tables being occupied but no tips for the girls, Max decides to take matters into her own hands. She holds up the wireless router and declares that the diner is not a Starbucks because it doesn't sell Norah Jones CDs and bananas, and so the patrons must start ordering food ASAP if they wish to be allowed to stay. The episode begins with laughs and actually turns out to be quite entertaining, as compared to the recent slump in the quality of the content in the previous episodes. 

The girls' frustration continues as they see two girls close to their age laughing over cocktails at the diner and realise that they haven't had a single moment to themselves in a long time. So, Max offers to take Caroline out for lunch and they end up going to a nearby soup kitchen. Caroline is apalled, as she expected something better but once she is a few drinks down and tries the food, she actually likes it (shockingly enough)! In all her drunken glory, she declares that she and Max are the best looking people in the room, and just like in your favorite chick flick, in walks an extremely good looking guy, Andy (played by Ryan Hansen). The girls ask the nun serving at the soup kitchen about him and she points out that he owns a candy store across from the kitchen. Caroline, smitten by the good looks, and Max, already dreaming about the candy reach his shop but realize that it is closed. However, he opens it especially for them and expresses an interest in Caroline, who embarrasses herself by throwing up in his shop. 

Max is shocked as he turns up at the diner the next day to invite the girls for a party at his shop. He also bribes Max with a lifetime supply of free candy if she manages to convince Caroline to attend. Max does not succeed, but does invite Andy to come home and say hi to Caroline. Much to her horror, Caroline is yet again embarrassed as she is caught masturbating by Max and Andy and refuses to face him ever again. Andy, although weirdly so, is still interested in Caroline and visits the diner the next day in an attempt to out-embarrass her. He does come close, performing gymnastics in a midriff bearing cut off tshirt. Caroline is charmed by this act and accepts his offer to go to coffee sometime. Must watch the next episode to see what happens there.. Is Ryan Hansen going to be a regular on the show?

Meanwhile, Han and Sophie are dealing with their own politics as Sophie feels entitled to 'her booth' every time she comes to the diner. Han is annoyed by this as she occupies the biggest booth and moves the customers seated there to other tables if needed. After repeatedly asking her not to do so and receiving threats to be spanked in front of everyone in return, Han decides to take her booth and refuses to move, telling her to take the small booth. Sophie, unwavered by this stunt, decides to take another booth of the same size by moving the customers seated there to Han's table, showing him who the boss is.

Current Total= $1128.00 

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