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Woods Injury Fiasco Offers Reminder: Think Before You Tweet

Paresh Dave |
October 9, 2012 | 4:05 p.m. PDT

Executive Director

Robert Woods was cleared to return to play against the Utes (Shotgun Spratling/Neon Tommy)
Robert Woods was cleared to return to play against the Utes (Shotgun Spratling/Neon Tommy)
A Utah media member claimed Robert Woods suffered a concussion but quickly retracted the statement.

Earlier Tuesday, Brian Smith, the managing editor for InsideTheUtes, the Utah Scout affiliate, caused a commotion on Twitter when he claimed that USC wide receiver Robert Woods failed a concussion test but was allowed to play in the USC's 38-28 win over the Utes.

It was a serious accusation given the scrutiny concussions have been given in football, and one that Smith later admitted was exaggerated.

The original tweets were deleted, but several follow-up tweets were posted as a retraction.

"Ok, time to eat some crow (as the attacks continue). I was not able to hear every word the trainer said, and my words were too sharp for...what I observed," Smith later tweeted. "For sake of the attacks coming my way, I'll leave it at that. I hope the discussions continue generally on concussions."

Attempts to reach Smith for comment were unsuccessful.

USC sports information director Tim Tessalone declined comment on the issue.

Woods told reporters after Tuesday's practice that he passed several verbal tests before returning, including repeatedly subtracting 7 from 100 and naming the current U.S. president. He said he has not felt any effect from the incident after the game.

The incident is yet another lesson to be cautious on social media and be wary of the ramifications for spreading information that isn't fully substantiated.


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