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Suspect In Libya Terrorist Attack Killed

Lauren Foliart |
October 25, 2012 | 10:32 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer


Libyan Rebels in March 2011. (Nasser Nouri, Creative Commons)
Libyan Rebels in March 2011. (Nasser Nouri, Creative Commons)
A suspect in the September 11 Benghazi attack that left four Americans dead, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, has been killed by Egyptian security forces in Cairo, officials said Thursday.

The Libyan militant was killed in a raid Wednesday aimed at him and other suspects linked to al Qaeda in Cairo's eastern district of Nasr City.  He has been identified as Karim Ahmed Essam el-Azizi.

Security officials said Azizi had been living in an apartment in Nasr City for the past three months.  Azizi died by way of his own bomb after he tried to sue it against security forces during the raid.  

His role in the terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate remains unclear, but police found 15 bombs and various weapons, including assault rifles, in his flat.

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