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The Best Statement Necklaces

Erika Ostroff |
October 29, 2012 | 4:10 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter
(Image Courtesy @budgetbabe)
(Image Courtesy @budgetbabe)

A girl is never too old for some neck candy.  And I’m not referring to that elastic, Smarties-studded choker, even though there’s still nothing wrong with indulging in that sugary-wonder. Consider this “neck candy” a big girl sweet – one lined with diamonds, pearls and stones galore. Statement necklaces are popular accessories and will continue to be as they lend versatility, charm and style to outfits. As the term coins: the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There’s a necklace for every purpose; but it’s up to you to choose what your chest feels like bearing – girly or edgy. 


There’s no greater sign of femininity than a rhinestone-studded neckline. Some of the most stunning statement necklaces are those that scream elegance and panache with their glitzy, girly and soft designs. Marni’s Beaded Bib Necklace presents a near-perfect example.  Its combination of mid-sized beads and crystals suspended by a gold chain is gentle yet chic. Its unconventional clasp, a black satin ribbon that ties in the back for closure, is an additive bonus.  It softens the piece while adding extra flair. Whether you decide to rock a high-pony or the infamous sock bun, your backside isn’t left out of the statement necklace fun. If you choose to drape your neck with cascading pearls, the Carolee Drama Bib Collar Necklace is a must. And we can’t forget Mother Nature’s second-best gift to girls (after diamonds) – flowers. Statement necklaces embellished with floral designs can naturally soften any look (no pun intended). The Kate Spade New York jewelry line does just so. The handcrafted First Blush and Orchidia necklaces give the 70s slogan “flower power” a whole new meaning. The refined floral necklaces will make heads turn if paired with anything from jeans and a tee to an evening gown. It’s like sporting your own secret garden made of enamel beads, pearls and crystals right under your nose. 


While necklaces are historically known as ladylike accessories, dating back to the ornate 16th century Elizabethan pendants and brooches, there’s no fashion edict denouncing a fashionista’s ability to test her neck-bearing waters. Hence, the prevalence of chunky, funky, wild and fun statement necklaces.  What better way to spruce up an otherwise boring outfit than with a statement necklace. It’s as if we’ve reverted back in time to our bib-wearing baby days. A new one for every meal, a different print, or simply, a change in style. These edgy statement pieces come in all styles under the sun. From neon chords, like Eddie Borgo’s highlighter pink Scaled Choker Necklace, to a Pharaoh-inspired Gold Collar Necklace by Vince Camuto,  there are pieces spanning every century. Channel your inner-punk rock with BCBG’s Rocker Statement Necklace. The accessories’ name says it all. Edgy statement necklaces are not just limited to those styles mentioned above. They’re not called statement pieces for no reason – pick a piece, sport it how you wish and don’t be afraid to give your very own rendition of a statement! 

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