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Second Debate: Romney Wins Six Rounds To Four

Tyler Talgo |
October 16, 2012 | 9:54 p.m. PDT


(Barack Obama, Creative Commons)
(Barack Obama, Creative Commons)
Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had their strong moments in Tuesday's debate. But, who you think was the winner depends on your political perspective. Romney’s strength was exhibited during the moments when emphasized Obama’s record, and Obama's strength was exhibited by his overall control and more aggressive stance. However, even though he received nine percent less time to speak, it's clear that Romney came out ahead. Here's a dissection of each round:

Question 1 (Jobs after college): Romney.

Romney contrasted the success of Massachusetts’s education system with the last four years under Obama.

Question 2 (Energy): Romney.

This was one of the tensest moments of the debate. Romney stood firm when Obama confronted him, he owned his opinion, and Obama came off as the weaker of the two.

Question 3 (Taxes): Romney.

Obama appeared uncomfortable and Romney will look better among independents, who are solely concerned about the shape of the economy.

Question 4 (Women): Obama.

Romney did better in citing his successes during his tenure as Governor of Massachusetts, but Obama looked more eloquent because of his experience in touting his usual women’s rights narrative.

Question 5 (Bush policies): Obama.

The more Obama’s record is discussed, the better it looks for Romney. But in this question, the focus was solely on Romney and he failed to highlight the differences.

Question 6 (Obama enthusiasm): Romney.

This was one of the strongest moments of the night for Romney, because it completely brought out the attitudes that Americans are currently having.

Question 7 (Immigration): Obama.

Obama was more presidential, while Romney lost control.

Question 8 (Benghazi attack): Obama.

Romney had all the effective arguments that he could have needed, but he didn’t own them. Obama came out ahead when he said that he was offended by the idea of his administration covering up the affair; his initiative is what will be remembered.

Question 9 (Gun Control): Tie.

Both candidates had genuine concerns and there wasn’t much contrast in this round.

Question 10 (Outsourcing): Romney.

Obama focused on Romney’s private sector record, while Romney was more aggressive on China. Romney’s tough stance on China is what will be remembered by independents.

Question 11 (Misconceptions about your character): Romney.

The question was clearly meant for Romney, and he was much more genuine in his answer.


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