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REVIEW: Seventeen-Year-Old Kaitlyn Fitzgerald Debuts A Fresh Collection At LA STYLE Fashion Week

Lauren Alvarez |
October 21, 2012 | 1:42 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
(Image Owned By Neon Tommy)
Seventeen-year-old Kaitlyn Fitzgerald debuted her KAITblu Spring/Summer 2013 collection on Thursday, October 18th. Although young, she is no rookie to the runway. The teenager debuted this collection in Omaha Fashion Week, which led to the premiere of her collection at Style LA Fashion Week this past week. 

Fitzgerald was amongst three other designers, who debuted their collection consecutively. KAITblu, by far the best constructed of them all, made a statement with bright colors and subdued tones. 

The collection was structurally-inspired and worked for any lively woman in her teens to her mid-20s. 

The first look of the collection debuted with a white top, detailed in the middle with floral prints and belted with a light brown pleated skirt. The best contribution to the outfit was the orange clutch, detailed with a pink strap across it for carrying convenience. It was the final detail needed to complete the outfit, which the KAITblu collection did. It was bohemiam glamour at its finest!

As the show progressed, the white top detailed with a minimal floral print seemed to be a trend of the night. The KAITblu collection incorporated lace and sheer fabrics to offset the preppy and thick fabric looks. Bags were vibrant and ranged from pink to orange as well as the simple heels. 

Inconsistent to the rest of the collection, a dress shaped in a halter and lined with pink satin across the brown undertone seemed scattered. Underneath the dress, it contained a knee-length, white skirt detailed with floral prints running along the front. It was not complimentary to the model's figure and looked rather incoherent. 

Dresses and skirts were the young designer's specialty as there were no pants and shorts shown. 

The dresses and skirts were well-lined underneath and the use of satin and silk made the skirts look effortlessly elegant. 

There were dresses for every occasion from a Sunday brunch look to an edgy fashion show ensemble. The collection specialized in pleated skirts and cropped tops made in different arrangements. One of the best outfits of the night ended the collection. 

(Image Property of Neon Tommy)
(Image Property of Neon Tommy)
The ensemble contained a white top with two descending panels on the sides. The sides had orange dots and it was accessorized with an orange necklace. The skirt was maxi length, but with a rather thicker material. The light brown skirt lined at the bottom with yellow and a substitute for a slit with fringed white, red, pink, and orange colors pulled the color scheme together. And of course, no one could forget the orange clutch with a pink strap running across from it! The sweet A-line top and brown skirt was pulled together with a hay-like belt. It was the final look of the show and completed the collection cohesively. 

Although the collection was minimal and limited, it was full of femininity and structure, which complimented the average lady's body. The pieces were fresh and energetic thanks to the color scheme and the bright hues. 

The collection was different from anything I had seen at the rest of Style LA Fashion week because it contained a younger approach to the Spring/Summer season, which the fashion world lacked until now. Kaitlyn Fitzgerald has a bright career ahead of her if she continues incorporating those floral prints into her well-structured dresses. 

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